AMBIEs Awards Luncheon 2020


You are invited to attend the 2020 AMBIEs Awards Luncheon
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 10am – 1pm (rain date September 23)
Sign ups are open via the GSA online calendars.

We have moved this year’s AMBIEs Awards Luncheon outdoors to the Cathedral of the Pines’ Altar of the Nation in Rindge NH

To help ensure everyone’s safety and health we ask that you bring your own lunch and yard chairs for our after ceremony picnic and activity. There is SOOOO much space at Cathedral of the Pines that you can very comfortably socially distance during and after the ceremony. The main alter area seats 750 and we are limiting attendance to 100.

NHGSA will be providing drinks.

Innovision Realty Group
(Michelle, our Finance Officer) is sponsoring dessert from Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream! You are in for a treat 🙂


The AMBIEs Awards Luncheon is open to ALL Granite State Ambassadors – no hours restrictions.
There is no cost to attend.

Up to 100 GSAs can join us in person. If you need a family member or friend to drive you, email to bring a guest.
We do plan to video tape the ceremony for those who couldn’t join us.

Sign up on the GSA Calendars

Uniform: Wear your full GSA uniform (khaki bottoms). Hats are allowed. Masks are required.
Parking: free parking is paved and ground is level to the Alter of the Nation.

The Cathedral of the Pines is about 1 hour 10 minutes from Concord and 1 hour from Manchester.
Cathedral of the Pines – 10 Hale Hill Road, Rindge, NH 03461

We plan to post a list of who is receiving what earned hours awards before August 28th (shooting for 21st). When we do, please double check it to be sure that we have everything correct. If you are close to an award, we will look on the calendar to see what you are scheduled for up until AMBIEs. Don’t hesitate to send us any corrections – we want everything to be perfect!!



This award is given to a GSA extraordinaire who provides outstanding service to New Hampshire’s Tourism Industry. The GSA of the Year often goes above and beyond to assist NHGSA with its mission and programs. This GSA is making a difference by volunteering at centers, providing guests with a unique experience, helping to train and mentor other GSAs, and doing so with endless spirit and enthusiasm.

This award is given to the GSA who spends endless hours trying to go unnoticed and gives generous contributions to other GSAs from their warm heart. Candidate should have a down to earth personality, and make everyone feel comfortable by demonstrating altruism and helpfulness to others.

This award is given to the GSA that serves the GSA program by volunteering their time with enthusiasm. They are someone who shares their training expertise with others, while still continuing to learn about the state of New Hampshire through GSA special events, tours, and specialized trainings.

The recipient of this award not only has a sunny personality, but puts the motto “It’s Always Sunny in NH” into practice while volunteering. This GSA handles tough situations and rainy days with poise and a positive outlook, and leaves guests and fellow GSAs feeling welcomed and supported.

This award honors individuals who give something extra making them an invaluable part of our state and a critical part of the GSA organization. This award may be given to a GSA or someone who is not a GSA. They can be either a volunteer or professional. The nominating committee may choose to award zero Merit Awards or many, depending on who’s nominated. If you see a GSA go above and beyond while volunteering, or do something special for a center or event, they are a good candidate for a Merit Award.

This status is given to a GSA (living or who has passed away) who has honorably resigned or retired their GSA position, but who retains their GSA membership.

This can be given to anyone (GSA, Volunteer, NH Tourism Industry Employee or Friend of GSA) at any time to commend them for something wonderful, great customer service, friendly personality, helpful in situations. “Kudos” may be given multiple times to one person. Anyone who receives kudos recognition throughout the year will be brought to the attention of the nominating committee for the larger awards.


Nominations close on August 21, 2020 – please note that award nominations do not come from NHGSA staff. We need your thoughtful nominations to make the AMBIEs special.