The Fitzwilliam Inn Class of 2019

Each Spring, NH Granite State Ambassadors holds 3-4 separate, 2-day (14-hour) GSA certification training classes at different locations around the state. To learn more about what attracts NH residents to our organization and what you will learn, click here.

Meet the hosts of
The Fitzwilliam Inn GSA Class of 2019
Monday / Tuesday, June 3-4, 2019

Our goal as Innkeepers is to extend true New England hospitality to our guests — whether they are from across the street, across the nation or around the world. An anchor of the community for over 220 years, the Inn has always been a haven for weary travelers and locals alike.

 At 1,200 feet above sea level, the Inn sits on one of the most preserved and pristine town commons in the state of New Hampshire. We enjoy a winter view of Mt. Monadnock, which is just five miles away. We offer lodging, fine food, and drink in an atmosphere of warm New England hospitality and welcome your visit any time of year. Let us take care of you!


The Fitzwilliam Inn
62 NH Route 119 West Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
(603) 585-9000

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