Module 4: NH Tourism & NH History

Study your New Hampshire Student Guide for a quick quiz at the beginning of class.

Stephanie Seacord, a Portsmouth Historian, will give a presentation on the origin of the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality in New Hampshire as well as ‘How NH Helped Save the World’ with our hospitality during the Peace Treaty negotiations that ended the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.

Next we will hear from Kris Neilsen, Communications Manager the NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development about the economic impact of Tourism, their marketing initiatives and resources to help you assist guests.

We will end with a fun round of New Hampshire Trivia with Kris.

Watch the video on this page or click here to have it open in another window.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, watch the above video and CLICK HERE answer the below verification questions.

     In the Origin of the Pineapple section, why were pineapples placed on fence posts?

     In the Portsmouth Peace Treaty section, how did NH hospitality help save the world? (multiple choice)
Local Mayor stepped up and took over negotiations when the mediator fell ill | NH citizens held picnics, talks, social outings etc to keep the two parties at the table | sent a representative to bring President Roosevelt to Portsmouth

     In Travel and Tourism’s presentation, what is NH’s key differentiator throughout their seasonal campaign? What sets us apart from Maine and Vermont? (multiple choice)
Major highways to most popular vacation areas | our 4.8 million acres of forested land | variety within proximity | 1300 ponds and lakes

     In NH Trivia with Kris, which of the following are true.
   There are 221 towns in NH  | There are 13 cities in NH  |  There are 22 unincorporated places in NH


History of the Pineapple & How NH Hospitality Saved the World | Portsmouth Peace Treaty & Living Memorial – Cherry Trees | Peace Treaty Map
presented by Stephanie Seacord, Strawbery Banke & Portsmouth Historical Society Email:

NH Division of Travel & Tourism | Website | Online GuidebookYear in Review 2018/19
Return on Investment to spend dollars on marketing campaigns: 2019 research shows that our marketing efforts directly influenced 636,170 travelers, resulting in a total spend of $371 million, generating $33 million in taxes. Therefore, every marketing dollar spent, $13 is returned in taxes.
presented by Kris Neilsen, Communications Manager Email:

Additional Video (optional) – Emily recently interviewed GSA Michael Bruno, author of Cruising New Hampshire History: A Guide to New Hampshire’s Roadside Historical Markers.


Explore New Hampshire Worksheet

As Granite State Ambassadors, your resources are your second greatest assets – your “Sunny” GSA personality being the first!

To help you give solid guest referrals about a region you may not be familiar with, we developed our Regional Referral Guides. These guides are filled with actual referrals compiled from the state welcome center attendees (who are also GSAs) and GSA volunteers and showcase places that are more local knowledge and that you don’t generally find a brochure for.

We encourage you to give enough information to spark your guest’s interest and then have your guests stop at their destination’s welcome center for even more details. Welcome Centers are listed at the bottom of each referral guide.

For this exercise visit

Under FOR CURRENT GSAs, select Explore New Hampshire – Regional Referral Guides

Explore New Hampshire Worksheet (online form)

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