September 30, 2023
CANCELLED: Wine & Cheese Festival, Merrimack

Earns Volunteer Service Hours
Hours will be reported for you
GSA Managed Event

September 30, 2023 – sign ups are open

More event information:

Location: Anheuser Busch’s Biergarten, Merrimack

Parking: free on pavement

GSAs will be mostly standing. VIP monitor will be only sitting position. Morning shift will be busy and you will be on your feet. Afternoon shift will be more relaxed with a mix of sitting and standing.

The event is outdoors, rain or shine. Large outdoor tents. 13 wine vendors serving 3-4 varieties each. Tents of Cabot cheeses and chocolates for tasting. Live jazz music. Food trucks and vendors. The event will be held in the big front lawn area to the right of the Biergarten – near the paved parking lots. Not in the big fields like their usual events.

Shifts: 11am – 2pm (8-10 GSAs); 2pm-5pm (6-8 GSAs)
Double shifts are allowed, but let everyone have a chance at one shift first.

Event starts at 12:30pm and ends at 4:30pm

CHECK IN TEAM – Biergarten entrance (both VIP & General Admission)
   • This is a 21+ event so everyone needs to be ID checked.
   • Scan tickets
   • Wrist band VIP ticket holders
   • Pass out wine glasses and bottles of water
   • Onsite ticket sales

VIP MONITOR – Check for wristbands to use Biergarten bathrooms
CHEESE TENT – cut and toothpick cheeses

GSAs can attend the event before (from 12:30 on) or after their shift out of uniform (or covered). You may have two wine samples, and a few cheese and chocolate samples. GSAs must maintain professionalism and can not be on duty with alcohol on their breath or buzzed.

GSA Management Team: Sue Geyer & Ashlee Rowley