Wed, August 16, 9:30am
Tour: Loch Lyme Lodge, Lyme NH

Date: Wed., August 16th, 9:30 – 5:30 pm (Calendar sign-ups: Will open on July 19th at 8 am)

Arrival time: 9:00 am
Earns educational hours
Hours will be reported for you

Description: Loch Lyme Lodge as a base – morning 2 hours in Hanover (9:45-11:45) – lunch at Loch
Lyme Lodge, with pond side activities like boating or swimming, walking to “The Pinnacle” OR a drive or e-bike to Orford, NH to view the Row Houses. End day with snacks at the Lodge including veggies from our gardens/local farms and cheese from Cobb Hill Cohousing.

Possibly Lodging: Arrival Tuesday evening Aug 15 is an option, discounted cabin stays are possible. Breakfast on site is an option.  Details TBD.

Eligibility: Must be an active GSA with

How many GSAs can attend: 20-25

Uniform: GSA uniform. No purses or bags allowed on tour – leave them in your car trunk. You can bring a small cross-body purse, a waist pack, GSA cinch pack, or your new GSA neck wallet. Wear comfortable shoes.

Accessibility: The main tour is easy and accessible, and ambassadors can simply stay on site, but a drive to Hanover/Orford would be a little more walking. E-bikes make the trip to Orford along River Road quite pleasant, but there would be a walk to the top of “The Pinnacle.”

# of stops: Morning – Dartmouth College
Lunch – Loch Lyme Lodge
Afternoon – stay on site and relax OR hike to The Pinnacle or bike OR drive to Orford to view Row Houses and possibly eat maple creamees.

Bike is $75 for half day rental.  Details here.  Must be reserved in advance.  May be a discount available for the group.
We will offer a quiche/soup/salad lunch for $10 per person (if anyone is here for breakfast, they are welcome to order from our popular cooked-to-order breakfasts )
Late afternoon snacks are the treat of Loch Lyme Lodge

Meeting Location: Loch Lyme Lodge, 70 Orford Rd, Lyme

Parking: On site

Tips: Yes, 20% but only on the lunch and optional e- bike tour

Weather Dependent: No, but activities will be weather dependent (e.g. no swimming or boating if
pouring rain)

Tour contact: Liz Ryan Cole,

Host company: Loch Lyme Lodge

GSA Contact: Kelly Bryer,