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2024 Dates & Locations

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Thursday, August 1, 9am-4pm and August 8, 9am-4pm
at the NH Telephone Museum, Warner NH

Includes materials, morning refreshments and lunch.

This is the final certification training for 2024.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 603-851-8624 or

Thank you – we look forward to meeting you!

2024 Certification Training Agenda | 2024 Planned Volunteer Opportunities

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Granite State Ambassadors, Inc is a program based in New Hampshire designed to promote and celebrate the state’s rich cultural, historical, and natural assets. Granite State Ambassadors serve as enthusiastic representatives and guides, sharing their knowledge and passion for New Hampshire with residents and visitors alike.

The New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors program is a community of dedicated individuals who are committed to showcasing the beauty, heritage, and unique offerings of the Granite State. These ambassadors serve as friendly faces and knowledgeable guides, assisting visitors and locals in discovering the diverse attractions and experiences that New Hampshire has to offer.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Visitor Assistance: Granite State Ambassadors provide information and assistance to visitors at various locations, such as welcome centers, tourism events, and conferences. They offer guidance on local attractions, events, and activities.

2. Cultural and Historical Experts: Ambassadors are well-versed in the history, culture, and traditions of New Hampshire. They share this knowledge with visitors, helping them gain a deeper appreciation for the state’s heritage.

3. Event Support: Ambassadors actively participate in and support tourism-related events and initiatives. They may assist in organizing and coordinating activities that showcase the best of New Hampshire.

4. Tourism Promotion: Ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting tourism within the state. They distribute brochures, maps, and other informational materials, encouraging visitors to explore different regions of New Hampshire.

5. Training and Development: Granite State Ambassadors undergo training to enhance their knowledge of hospitality, local attractions, events, and services. This training equips them to serve as reliable sources of information for both visitors and residents.

6. Community Engagement: Ambassadors engage with the local community to foster a sense of pride and enthusiasm for the state. They may collaborate with local businesses, organizations, and tourism partners to enhance the overall visitor experience.

– Passion for New Hampshire and a desire to share its treasures with others.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
– Willingness to learn and stay updated on local attractions and events.
– Ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups of people.
– Enthusiastic and approachable demeanor.

– Opportunity to contribute to the promotion of New Hampshire’s tourism industry.
– Access to ongoing training and professional development through tours, discussions, further trainings, and visits to hospitality sites.
– Social opportunities with fellow ambassadors and tourism professionals.
– A sense of fulfillment from positively impacting the visitor experience in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors program embodies the spirit of hospitality and community pride, making a significant impact on the tourism landscape of the state.

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2021 25th Anniversary Edition
2018-19 (typical) | 2019-20 (covid)



Send your $50.00 registration fee ($40 for hybrid) in to ensure your spot (see address below). Ask about a discount for being referred by a GSA.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the training, you will receive an email with details of what to expect, an agenda, directions, and any special information you will need to feel comfortable at class. We will run an orientation Zoom class if you are unfamiliar with Zoom or taking a course online. We are good at walking you through the process so please don’t be intimidated.

You must attend both days to complete the certification.


$50.00 for in-person / $40 for virtual-  includes fourteen hours+ of intensive training including two key GSA trainers & two dozen speakers. Discounts for being referred by a GSA.

GSA notebook including materials, literature, and information on NH’s Tourism Industry

GSA official name tag with lanyard

Graduation certificate from NH Granite State Ambassadors

Lunch (full-day) & Snacks

On-site Tour of host location

Reusable tote bag

Prizes, gifts, and surprises

“Granite State Ambassador” certification & membership

Mail Certification Fee to

PO Box 417, Campton NH 03223 (Kelly’s home office)
Memo Line: Certification Training

What is expected from our GSAs is both a simple and complicated question. Depending on why you are becoming a GSA, the answer differs.

We train both employees and volunteers. About 40% of our classes include tourism industry professionals including chambers, visitor centers, and other people who work directly with visitors, guests, and people moving to NH. And we train about 60% who are traditional volunteers who want to participate in our volunteer programs within visitor centers around the state who are members of NHGSA.

If you want to be a volunteer, we ask that keep your membership in NHGSA “active” by volunteering your time at one of our member visitor centers and/or several special events. The membership card you receive at the training graduation is good for approximately one year. After that, each year at the annual AMBIES award luncheon (late fall), every NHGSA member in good standing will receive their updated membership card. Included on the card will be their Lifetime and Annual Hours.

Member in good standing:
A GSA with at least 3 volunteer service hours within the past year or 50 hours of equivalent tourism-related employment.

A typical volunteer shift is approximately 3 hours. A volunteer chooses when and where they want to serve. Noting that some visitor centers (like Manchester-Boston Regional Airport) and many special events are very competitive for shifts. Others are easier. Some GSAs volunteer once a week, some twice a week, some once a month, some only in the summer, and some only in the winter. It’s up to you!

If you are an industry GSA, we ask that you stay “active” by communicating with us, servicing the public in a GSA way, promoting the marketing efforts of NH Division of Travel and Tourism, and if you want, volunteering your time at a special event and/or visitor center. We would love it if you’d send information about your company that guests would be interested in. We have a high level of communication to our GSA volunteers (who staff visitor centers), and that information is important to us. It helps us “sell” your property/organization/state.

Sponsors, official member centers, and our key partners will also receive GSA membership cards for staff/volunteers within the company who are and/or become certified GSAs. The fee is included in their annual sponsorship/partnership depending on the amount paid.

To become a Granite State Ambassador, you first have to become certified through our 14-hour+ training course – click here to review the agenda. In a normal year, we have 4 certification training classes each Spring in different locations around the state. Trainings will be held in January, March, May, July and Nov (if there is demand)

Typical Presenters
Greater Concord Chamber
Portsmouth Collaborative
Lake Sunapee Region Chamber
Lakes Region Tourism Association
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food
NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development
NH Fish and Game
NH State House
NH State Parks
Strawbery Banke
Portsmouth Peace Treaty
White Mountain Attractions Association
White Mountain National Forest
NH Economic Development

Each class location will also have 4-5 local speakers