GSA Merchandise

OUR ONLINE CATALOG is now open until September 30, 2022 – click here to view the catalog and to place your order. Orders will be ready by October 1.

Standard order dates for badges and clothing are: May 1; October 1.  If there is enough demand, we will place orders in between. We need a 24 item minimum to keep our prices low.

Thank you for considering purchasing NHGSA Merchandise. We work hard to provide quality, New Hampshire products for you to wear and use. If you have ideas of other NHGSA logo’d items you would like for sale. Please let us know. We will be happy to research, develop and find a vendor for those products.



  • Bulk orders will submitted to our vendor twice a year in June & November or anytime we have at least 24 items ordered. Watch for spot orders in between. UNLESS SPECIFIED, ANY ORDERS RECEIVED WILL ADDED TO NEXT BULK ORDER.
  • Between events – Place your order through our online catalog. After your items are in the cart, click CHECK-OUT. This will give you payment options including: credit card, PayPal, mailing a check, or cash on delivery.
  • You will have a choice of picking up your items at one of the following designated centers (FREE): Concord Chamber, Manchester Chamber, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, or State Welcome Centers on I-93. For central/northern NH orders, arrangements will be made to meet you.

If you wish to have your items shipped you will be responsible for the cost.

Have you earned your free 50 hour shirt?

Let Kelly or Emily know once you have reached 50 hours to receive your COUPON CODES to order online. For your FREE 50 hour shirt you will be asked to choose an item that may already be “in-stock” or a hold-over from a previous vendor. Since we have already expended money for these items, we must distribute those first if possible before ordering new items.

Choose from one of the below shirts if you have earned your FREE 50 hours shirt. If you already have a logo’d GSA shirt, you can have a $20 credit towards something else. Again, ask for your coupon code so you can use online ordering.

437 Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Jersey Short Sleeve Polo
437W Jerzees Ladies Spot Shield Jersey Short Sleeve

In stock items will be brought to a designated pick-up location. Out of stock items will be ordered on next group order.

NOTE: You don’t need to wait until the hours are posted. If you plan to reach your 50 hours before the next order, you may send in your request early.


You can order high-quality GSA logo embroidered clothing and merchandise from our LANDS’ END online store. Please note that items from this store do not qualify as your free 50 hour shirt. These are just a purchase option available to you in between our regular orders. Store password is: gsa1996