GSA Merchandise


GSA Logo Staff Shirt – At our certification trainings, we will have short sleeve polo shirts available for purchase for $10 each (value $30). Limit 1 discounted shirt per person. Granite State Ambassadors has covered the rest of the cost. New GSAs can take advantage of this offer up to 1 year from the certification date. We do have limited stock and can’t guarantee your size, so please order early.

If you are supplying your own uniform shirt, it must be hunter-green in color with no other logos, and your badge. We can have your personal shirts embroidered for you for $10 per item. All shirts must be clean, unwrinkled, and sensible.

Several times a year we will solicit orders for additional GSA merchandise you may want, including vests, coats, hats, shirts… to place the order, we must meet our minimum of 24 items. Bulk orders save us all $$ and we retail price them at 20% over our cost. We have some shirts available for purchase in our inventory and do have samples to try on. Reach out to Kelly.

Lands End: You can order GSA embroidered shirts and merchandise from our Lands End store at any time. Shirts from here do NOT qualify for any of our GSA-sponsored discounts. The Lands End store gives you one more option to order personal items and is not our standard shirt supplier.

You can reach the Lands End store at:  The password is: gsa1996

Rule of thumb: If your shirt is plain, our large logo must be visible – either embroidered or with a large green badge.

Current approved exceptions: NH State House Visitor Center volunteers may wear the center’s 200th Anniversary shirt with the large green GSA Logo’d permanent badge (not the smaller 10-year / 1000-hour badge). GSA logo must be prominent.

Some events require that we wear their event shirt. In this case, you must wear your GSA badge. GSA hats are okay in addition to your badge. We will tell you if this is the case on the event’s information page on our website.

NOTE: If you are working towards your free 50-hour shirt from our previous Uniform Incentive Program, we will still honor it. Reach out to to make arrangements.