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**Kelly is out of the office from July 3 – 21. If there is an emergency, you can reach Kelly by cell 960-0272 after July 10. You can also reach out to Emily at 244-0757  emily@nhgsa.com or Gretchen at 209-0151  gretchen@nhgsa.com. Thank you.

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Welcome to the Current Granite State Ambassador page!


 Volunteer Opportunities

Visitor Information Centers – statewide

Events – (View all – statewide)

The Big E
September 13-29, 2019 (sign ups are open)
Orientation Sept 5, 10am
Join us at New England’s State Fair in the information booth within the NH Building. Share the things you love about NH and enjoy the fair!

Bridges House 50th Anniversary Celebration
Sunday, August 25th 10am-6pm
This is a really big day for the Governor’s Mansion and we need a lot of volunteers. Watch for more details. Sign-ups will open end of June.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival
Steps to Volunteer: Send an email to Tom Dwyer at volunteer@hamptonchamber.com
In the email note that you are a GSA member and also provide the following;

  • What Venue, day and time you would like to work
  • Your T-shirt sizes
  • If you would prefer a $10 participating vendor voucher or a wristband as your volunteer recognition gift.

Friday, September 6th – 1 PM to 9 PM
Saturday, September 7th – 10 AM to 9 PM
Sunday, September 8th – 10 AM to 6 PM
Please read here for more information on roles and details

Bedrock Gardens
If you are interested in volunteering at Bedrock Gardens this year, feel free to contact Deb Nugent with questions:603-978-2445 or ddteag1@comcast.net

50th Anniversary Arts and Culture Festival: Littleton Chamber

September 21, 10:00-2:00 and 2:00-5:00, 2 per shift

Volunteers will be outside under an information tent and will need a basic knowledge of Littleton. The chamber will provide volunteers with information and maps about the day’s events around Littleton and lunch and snacks will be provided. Information booth located outside of the Chamber office, can store personal items. etc. 

Visitor Information Centers

Notes & Instructions

2019 NHGSA Policy and Procedure Manual
Please read!

GSA Sign Up
Welcome Center shift calendars are open through OCTOBER 2019. November 2019 ‘center’ calendars open August 1, at 6am.  Note: Not all centers have posted their summer schedules.
** The center calendars open at 6am when the 1st falls on a weekday. The center calendars open at 8am when the 1st falls on a weekend or a holiday. Events, meetings, tours, and activities have their own designated sign-up dates/times.

Posting Hours
If you served at the White Mountain National Forest, a State Tourism Division run Welcome Center, or an event that was NOT managed by an onsite GSA staff member (like CU4 Reality Fair, Walldogs, Strawbery Banke, Hillsborough events, or Bedrock Gardens) – CLICK HERE – to submit your hours. All others will submit your hours at the end of each month. If you have a question, email emily@nhgsa.com.

GSA MerchandiseOnline Store
GSA embroidered merchandise orders are fulfilled twice a year (you can pre-order at any time). This enables us to provide our shirts at a major savings. Samples will be available at our AMBIEs Awards luncheon and our holiday party. Bulk orders will go in the day after these two events and take 2-3 weeks to come in. We do have some items in stock.


New Stuff — even more opportunities in our newsletter

Click here to read the entire celebration with photos!

GSA of the Year – Marty Wagner
Hospitality from the Heart – Maryellen McGrath
Service Award – Duncan McIntyre
It’s Always Sunny – Christine Stacey
Rookie of the Year – Nick Wallner
Booster of the Year – Bruce Flegal
Industry Awards – DTTD rest area attendants Marni Cinquantini and Barbara Cabral

Learning Opportunities

Upcoming Tours & Meetings
If the tour title doesn’t link, we are still working on details. Linked Events and Tours are marked with a “•”. Watch the newsletter for when we post the information page.

Regional Resource Guides They are complete — Thank you everyone who contributed to this incredible project! Read and download!

• NH Heritage Museum Trail Passport
January – November 2019  Grand prize: 2 nights for 2 on STAR ISLAND!

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Quarterly Meetings
Next one – July 23, 2019 (sign-ups open)
GSA volunteer meeting with Kelly 2-3pm
We will have a presentation about email SPAM and internet safety from MHT’s IT department!
Airport management update meeting – 3-4pm

TOUR: Walking Tour of the Manchester Millyard – July 18

TOUR: White Mountain National Forest – September 4

TOUR: Moonlight Meadery – December 6, 2019

GSA Social Committee

GSAs that enjoy getting together for social activities outside of NHGSA’s framework.

GSA Perks

Discounted lodging, theatre & admissions. Free parking at MHT…

White Mountains Attractions Passbook for 2019 has been updated with qualifying list and instructions.


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Resource Pages

• Getting Started Tutorials
• GSA Master Calendar – Save the Dates
• Photo Albums
• Topic: Human Trafficking
• Best Practices Articles
• Carpool Information
• CIMA / Volunteer Accident Insurance

 Read our 2018 annual report!  

2019 Operations Survey Results

MHT Info Booth Dashboard Link (requires booth login)

Social Media

Blog Articles – Most recent below

Social Committee: Lunch around the Hibachi

Tour: Badger Balm, by GSA Tim Adams

Day Tripping from Hillsboro to Gilsum and everything in between, by GSA Margaret Minnon

Lunch at the Firefly

Exploring the Heritage Museum Trail
Tour: Fairfield Inn, Manchester, by GSA Debbie Hickey
Article: Area Museums: Much More Than Glass Display Cases, by GSA Mark Okrant


If you love being a GSA and what it brings to your life, please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to support our organization. We appreciate donations of any amount.

Click here to donate online or you can send a check to: Granite State Ambassadors • 470 Mast Road • Goffstown NH 03045.  Please write “donation” on the memo line.


Are you a member of a fraternal organization or club that encourages its members to do presentations? We would love for you to talk about your experiences as a GSA volunteer. We have basic presentations, hand-outs, and talking points available. Our staff is also happy to attend and speak. Email kelly@nhgsa.com.

We have rack cards and volunteer cards available for GSAs to hand out. One side is “Become a GSA” for friends, and the other side is “Host a GSA” for businesses.

We raised $2,249 during NH Gives. Thank you!!