GSA Apparel Catalog


The expanded Granite State Ambassador Apparel Catalog is now closed. You can order limited items from our Beeze Tees catalog at any time.

We do have some items in stock at our Campton office – Jerzee polo short sleeve (they are men’s sizing), ball caps, rain coats, neck wallets, water bottle holders and some misc items.

Embroidery of Your Own Items

You are also welcome to purchase forest green (any dark green) items at the retailer of your choice and get them Beeze Tees in Manchester or Keene to have embroidered. Embroidery is $8-10 per item. 

FYI – I’ve gotten great prices on Lands End shirts on Amazon.


You can make payment by check or I’ll email you a credit card invoice.


The Current order was sent to BEEZE TEES on May 7th. 

Delivery is expected end of May/early June.

BELOW ARE IMAGES OF THE EXPANDED CATALOG PAGES. The catalog will be more legible.