Keeping Yourself and Others Safe


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Human Trafficking Information
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Personal Safety

Safety Tips for Women – Safety tips for women you need to share with the women in your life. Purse grabbing demonstration, where to park for safety, keeping your doors and blinds closed and more…

Personal Safety Tips Everyone Should Know – Two veteran cops are joining us this Sunday to share advice on what you should do if you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation. No one wants to be in those scenarios, but it’s important to be prepared in case the worst happens. Detective Lisa Hudson and Captain Brian Zalewski from the Wauwatosa Police department join us with important advice.

Tips for Using Public WiFi / Consumer Reports – Think all public WiFi is safe? Think again. Consumer Reports’ expert explains how hackers can use rogue networks to steal your personal information.

Active Shooter Learning Resources

Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness Video | Homeland Security

Last Resort ACTIVE SHOOTER SURVIVAL Measures by Alon Stivi

Active Shooter: How to Respond Booklet

Active Shooter Preparedness Pocket Card