Volunteer: Sail Portsmouth July 27-28 – Portsmouth NH

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Sail Portsmouth is back!!

The USS Eagle Tall Ship will be here on July 26th.  The event will be July 27-28. You will be amazed at the information packed in on the USS Eagle’s website linked here.

Sail Portsmouth 2024’s website has relevant information and a volunteer sign up section.

Sail Portsmouth Volunteer Training is scheduled for 
Sunday, July 14, 2024 from 1-3pm
at The Music Hall Lounge- 131 Congress Street
When volunteering, wear your GSA uniform. This is an open call for volunteers so your friends and family can sign up as well.

Robin A. Comstock


Volunteer Job Choices for Sail Portsmouth
Register to volunteer at: www.sailportsmouth.org
➢ July 26: Day before the event set-up@ 9:00-12:00
➢ July 26, Barque Eagle Arrives &Parade of Sail @ 10:00 am
➢ July 27 & 28 : The event , tours on the Barque Eagle
• 9:30am -5:30pm
✓ Parking Attendant
✓ Volunteer Table Coordinator
✓ Ticket Sales
✓ Merchandise Sales
✓ Water Wagon – Sales
✓ Disabled Attendant – Greeter
✓ Line Attendant – Greeter
✓ Gangplank Attendant – Greeter
✓ Attendee – Counter “Clicker” (entrance & exit)
✓ Attendee – Hand Stamper
✓ GSA: Event & Tent Greeter
✓ Grounds Monitor & Maintenance Attendant
• July 27: Captain’s Reception@ 6-8:00pm
• July 28: Volunteer Reception @ 6-8:00pm