Regional Resource Guides

Thank you for helping us make your region shine! The goal of these guides is to create documents for each region that highlight some of the personal insights you provide your guests when giving a referral at your center. With these guides, a GSA volunteer or welcome center attendant, anywhere in the state, can give thoughtful, more personalized information when talking with a guest who is headed your way. While they can be printed, THESE RESOURCE SHEETS ARE INTENDED TO BE INTERNAL DOCUMENTS TO ASSIST YOU IN MAKING REFERRALS.

These authentic referrals, and personal recommendations to stop at your center when they arrive, will make our guests feel even more welcome and will enhance their New Hampshire experience. It will also leave our guests with a warm, cohesive feeling about our state knowing that we, from all our regions, work together and encourage our guests to explore all we have to offer – Diversity within Proximity!

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  • Be candid and authentic. We are not looking for you to research the answer details. Treat this as if a guest is in front of you right now asking.
  • Avoid making this a Member Directory – think of more public places.
  • Include City/Town and State Parks with the below.
  • If you know if there is a fee, parking or if pets are welcome, please include.

You may list more than one for each category. Please limit your answers to things LOCAL to the center or region you list.

We need your help to compile the information that has been submitted.

Below is a link to the answers for each region so far (updated weekly). If you can help format, fact-check, and complete your region’s guide, email Kelly at  The Google Documents below can be edited by anyone with the link. If you would like to provide enough information to create a more localized guide, that is great!  VIEW ALL

Great North Woods  |   Seacoast  |  Sunapee  / Dartmouth  |   Western White Mountains  |  Concord  |

Manchester / Salem  |   Nashua / Amherst  |  Monadnock Lakes  |  Mount Washington Valley / Conway