A Day Well Spent at Hampton Beach

By: Emily Goulet, GSA Communications Director

At the end of May, we visited Hampton Beach for a day to learn about all that the beach has to offer.  Whether or not you’ve been to Hampton Beach once, or every summer, there is a lot to learn about the community, the history of the area, and the tourism industry itself.  John Nyhan, President of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce, put together a variety of panelists to share their expertise with our GSAs about Hampton Beach.


It was a beautiful day…a bit hot for my liking, but a perfect beach day!  The beach was absolutely packed – even though it was a weekday before Memorial Weekend!  But everyone was enjoying the summer weather temperatures.  Our presentation was located in the Seashell building, in the conference room upstairs.  The room was surrounded by glass windows, boasting panoramic views of the ocean and the beach.


Our presentation included the NH State Parks Regional Supervisor, the Lifeguard Chief, the Retired Director of the Hampton Historical Society, and a variety of business owners in the area.  We learned about how the state parks work in the area, and we heard a synopsis of rescue statistics and riptide information from the lifeguard.  The history component added great background information, and we were able to see some pictures of the area from many years ago.  It was also interesting to hear from business owners who own motels, restaurants, and shops.  These business owners emphasized the value of community to Hampton Beach.  What was most impressive is the ways in which they support each other’s (competing) businesses.  They refer customers to other motels if they are booked, which speaks volumes about the tight-knit community.  There are also many families who have been around for generations at Hampton Beach.

Our fun day concluded with a reception at the Boardwalk Cafe, complete with appetizers and drinks, sponsored by John Nyhan and the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce.  It was fun to chat with our GSAs, while sharing some delicious food!  All around, it was a spectacular day, and our GSAs feel confident that they can happily and accurately recommend many things to do at Hampton Beach!

Additional photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CmH7FSzv7VcQvvND9