Interview: Museum of the White Mountains

Meet Cynthia Cutting, Director of the Museum of the White Mountains

The mission of the Museum of the White Mountains is to obtain, maintain, and provide access to resources and activities that educate and engage its audience with the region’s artistic, historical, geographic, and cultural treasures. Its purpose is to enrich the life and scholarship of the Plymouth State University community, researchers, and the broader public.

The Museum of the White Mountains opened on February 23, 2013, and now curates and presents exhibitions year round in the Museum building (Main Upstairs Gallery , Lower Level Gallery, Open Lab Gallery), in Silver Center for the Arts Lobby Gallery, in Lamson Library, and online.

Interview conducted February 2021

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Live Virtual Tour Information: Join Cynthia Cutting on February 11th, 3:30 – 4:30 PM as she provides NHGSA with a live virtual tour of the Museum of the White Mountains exhibit: Endangered Invasive and Undiscovered [Species]

This exhibition features environmental artwork from Kimberly Ritchie’s recent sabbatical experiences in Greece and Iceland. The exhibit also highlights faculty led, student made, collaborative work from interdisciplinary projects across campus, involving the intersection of the human race and the natural world that impacts endangered, invasive, undiscovered, and evolving species.

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GSA Feedback:

“Cynthia was very thorough in her answers. Clearly passionate about her work and the museum.”

I liked her statement that all the exhibits connect back to the White Mountains.”

I was very impressed with the art work. Especially liked the different formats. I missed being able to visit this past year and this was very nice.”