Interview: NHSCOT

Meet Terri Wiltse, Executive Director of NHSCOT – NH Highland Games & Festival

Mission: NHSCOT is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and preserve Scottish culture for future generations.

Vision: To be Northeast Gateway to all things Scottish.

Values: NHSCOT embraces the Scottish values of stewardship, education and hard work to build community and celebrate our culture.

Today NHSCOT® is a Federally Registered Trademark hosting not only the NH Highland Games & Festival, but an annual Heritage Lecture Series, a lively music event known as Beltane and a family friendly Scottish New Year celebration called Hogmanay. Additionally, competitions, guided trips to Scotland, Try It classes and workshops are scheduled throughout the year to further NHSCOT’s mission, vision and values.

Interview conducted February 2021

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GSA Feedback:

“I didn’t know they did anything else than the Highland Games. Will have to check out their on-line presence.”

A GSA found most interesting: “The list of events, and some of the activities other than Highland Games.”

I liked learning the history of the Highland games ( started by King Malcolm circa 1100 AD) and that in NH they start small as a Clan picnic at Loon in 1975 with a pipe band and grown into a renown event every fall offering music, athletics, classes, and Whisky (without the e) tastings!”

A GSA found most interesting: “How much the organization has to offer culturally through their events and website, I was really impressed. Support of Scottish authors, the NH tartan, music lessons, the try it feature…wow there is a lot going on with those folks!

NHSCOT is more than the Highland Games. I want to attend/celebrate Beltane and Hogmanay when the pandemic is over, and take one of the Scottish cooking lessons. And a book club! Cool.”

It is apparent that Terri loves her organization and has helped them to creatively thrive during these difficult times for organizations that depend on groups gathering.