Advertise in our Weekly Newsletter

If you aren’t able to be a host location or meal sponsor for one of our gatherings, but would still like to gain the audience of our industry friends and certified GSAs volunteering at the state’s public and private welcome centers and events – consider reaching them through our weekly newsletter. We have several opportunities from a directory listing to an advertisement block, to full blog articles. ‘Well-wishing’ advertisements in our annual Commemorative Yearbook are also available. [More…]

Advertise in our Annual Commemorative Yearbook

Every year at our AMBIEs Awards Luncheon we distribute our annual commemorative yearbook. Place your well-wishing advertisement in this beloved publication that goes to our GSA volunteers and partners.

Donate Gift Certificates and Items for Award Packets

Throughout the year, we collect donations of gift certificates and ticket vouchers to use as part of our award packets at our annual AMBIEs Awards Luncheon for our top GSA volunteers and to put in our online holiday auction fundraiser. [More…]