Blog: Journeying to the North Pole

by GSA Moe Demers, Comfort Inn Class of 2011

About 30 GSA’s journeyed to the North Pole (near Woodstock, NH) to serve as Santa Claus’ Elves in his workshop. We were booked to meet two separate trainloads of children and their parents coming from Lincoln, NH to visit Santa Claus. Upon arrival the GSA’s donned their elf uniforms of red coats, hats and mittens, pointy shoe covers and green pants. After a brief orientation, we walked down to the train siding nearby to greet the eager children.

Equipped with lanterns to light the way through the forest we welcomed each family to the North Pole and escorted them to Santa’s workshop. There were stops along the way to mail letters to Santa and the North Pole Post Office and make family photos in front the large North Pole sign at the entrance. After the children and their parents were seated inside the elves walked in singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and took their positions on stage where Santa’s work bench was located.

Crystal the M.C. elf greeted the eager children and introduced each elf. That was followed by Santa’s grand entrance to the cheers of all. Santa proceeded to greet each child individually while Crystal led the audience in singing popular Christmas carols. A nice lady in her nightgown also read “’twas The Night Before Christmas” to the children.

Elf MoJo (aka Moe Demers) was asked by one little girl to pose with her and her family in front of the North Pole sign for a photo. After the show, as she was exiting Santa’s workshop, she ran up to MoJo to give him a big hug. Heartwarming. GSA Helen M said she was moved by the children’s faces pressed into the train’s windows in eager anticipation as the train arrived at the North Pole. Elf Okey Dokeu (aka Sue Geyer) was thrilled to have her photo made with Santa Claus himself!

After each show the elves greeted each family as they exited Santa’s Workshop to wish them a Merry Christmas and escort them back to the train siding for their journey back to Lincoln, NH aboard the Hobo Railroad. A good time was had by all.