Interview: Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF)

Meet Judi Window, MFF Executive Director; Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations; Dr. Jillian Starman, MFF Director of Education; Tori Berube, MFF Director of Marketing & Outreach; and Emily Goulet, MFF Director of Communication

At Morgan Franklin Fellowship, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to become financially independent. To support that mission, we have created exciting new opportunities to explore more about financial freedom.

Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF) was formed with the mission of teaching how money works in real world situations. Our program introduces financial concepts and provides exposure to real-world investing. We provide these opportunities through financial literacy programs, mentoring and business opportunities.

Interview conducted in January 2021

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GSA Feedback:

“It’s good to have multiple employees in the interview to show the scope of the program.”
“I really enjoyed it. Haven’t heard about it before and it was definitely different than the usual tourist related educational opportunities.”
I had never heard of this but really feel the mission is very important.
MFF seems to be an interesting team approach to help young people with finance, something almost as important as oxygen to a healthy life.”