Crafts at Sanbornton Old Home Days

By Roberta Wells, GSA The Hotel Concord Class of 2019
At Sanbornton’s Old Home Days this past weekend, I met a pair of young ladies working wonders with wood and epoxy.  They have modernized this traditional form of woodworking to add flair and bold colors in a way I have not seen before.   Using unusual and dramatic woods that they source at Goose Bay Lumber in Chichester, they combine the wood’s natural grains and knots with brightly colored epoxies to create striking yet practical designs.  Included in their repertoire are items like coasters, cutting boards, clip boards, cheese cutting boards and more.  They can even create a personalized keepsake by encasing your personal momento within the expoxy to treasure forever.  
Their studio is in Manchester where they have also partnered with local florists to create keepsake bouquets for brides.  Otherwise they can be found at local crafts fairs and similar gatherings.  Or they can be found on Facebook or their website