Lecture: Moose and Bear in NH

Program recorded September 2021

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Have you ever wondered where bears den, why they scratch trees or how much they weigh when they are born? Why do moose eat aquatic vegetation, where do they go in the winter and how many young do they have each year? Nigel Manley, wildlife enthusiast and The Rocks Director, answers these questions and many more in this program about the two largest animals in NH. Nigel has spent hours in the woods working and observing animals, and he shares some of his knowledge with you as he takes you through the life cycles of both moose and bear.

GSA Feedback:

 “I didn’t know that moose were such good swimmers. Visitors are always asking where they can see moose.  We can suggest to look near water!”

“Having grown up in NH and lived here over 80 years and have a “hunting camp” in Pittsburg, there was much I wasn’t aware of. Even my hunter/fisherman husband listened in and enjoyed.”