Lecture: NH Railroads

Program recorded June 2021

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We were honored to be joined by Brian Solomon, Marketing & Events Manager of Conway Scenic Railroad, and world-renowned railroad expert and author, for a presentation on the history of NH Railroads.  He provided us with an overview of the development of railroads, specifically focusing on NH.  His presentation covered the rise and fall of railroads as the predominant form of transportation, as well as what has happened to railroads in NH and in other parts of the United States and the world.  He also focused on the history of the lines that today comprise the Conway Scenic Railroad, as well as other surviving lines in the region.

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GSA Feedback:

“I have always been interested in railroads and was fascinated to learn that so many different railways were in New Hampshire.  I didn’t realize there were so many different companies running railroads.  I would much prefer to travel by trains than any other form of transportation.”

“Brian’s expertise and enthusiasm about railroads, bridges, trains and photography is beyond impressive.  That prowess will stick with me as I suggest things to do in NH.”

“Brian’s knowledge of the subject is incredible and is matched by his passion and enthusiasm for all things related to trains and the railroad industry.  On top of that, his lifetime of photographs were wonderful.  They really captured the beauty and power of those magnificent machines, and the nostalgia, too…From a GSA volunteer perspective, people coming into the State Welcome Centers where I volunteer are always on the lookout for train rides running in NH.    I have a whole new appreciation for the ones we still have, given what I learned in the presentation, and know I will have the chance to use some of that info as I speak with NH visitors.”