Social Committee Outing to Diz’s Cafe

By: Sue Greenbaum, GSA Currier Museum Class of 2010

In August the GSA Social Committee visited Gary & Judi Window’s Manchester restaurant, Diz’s Cafe, which opened in 2020. I know, great timing, right? While so many restaurants were forced to close their doors, Diz’s opened theirs.  Due to the pandemic, they experienced multiple delays trying to get the necessary permits to open, while City Hall remained closed.

Diz’s is the quintessential definition of a family restaurant. Not only do intergenerational members of the Windows work there, but other staff members also work alongside their own family members. The wait staff who served us were all friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. And did our table need a lot of help! Faced with so many delicious sounding options, we were like kids in a candy store, and simply could not decide what to order. That is to say, that wouldn’t involve eating leftovers for a week to consume everything. After MUCH discussion and thought, we finally agreed on 6 appetizers for 5 people.

In most restaurants, you come to expect that some dishes will be WOWs, and some dishes will only be OKs. At our table, we all agreed that every dish was a WOW! Everything at Diz’s is made from scratch and skillfully prepared, with extra large portions and doses of TLC. 

This GSA luncheon was one of the most enjoyable we have ever scheduled. It was so popular that we had to schedule two back-to-back luncheons, in order to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. Judi had swag bags for each GSA, and mingled at our tables, greeting old and new friends.  Thank you, Judi!


Here is what other GSAs had to say:

“I thought the service was great, the food delicious, and the company was fantastic.  I thought it was a great dining experience.” ~Linda D.

“Such a wonderful feeling getting to know some other GSA’s, especially after the pandemic prevented us from doing much for as long as it did.  It was my first time to Diz’s Cafe, and what a gem it is!  Fantastic menu with build-your-own options, and the staff is happy to adjust ingredients to accommodate dietary restrictions.  And the Peach Pineapple Sangria is the best!  I’ll be trying the Dizco Tots my next visit, perhaps before seeing Mamma Mia! at the Palace this fall.  Thanks again, Sue, for the fantastic outing.” ~Dawn B.

“What a great time! Wonderful seeing everyone and the food was delicious!! Will definitely recommend Diz’s Café!  So happy that we went. :-)” ~Lois D.

“I was so impressed with the menu and service at Diz’s Downtown Cafe. There were many options for every dietary preference and the portions were plentiful. I had the meatloaf and it was perfect – loved that they served it with an extra container of gravy! I definitely had food envy looking at everyone else’s order. Must go back to try more things.” ~Kelly

“So much good going on at Diz’s – great menu, delicious food, wonderful atmosphere.  And bonus – very comfortable chairs!  You will not be disappointed.” ~Wilma C.

“I certainly enjoyed having a lunch at Diz’s, and having a chance to socialize with some of our GSA’s. The Cafe interior is much larger than it appears from the outside, and very clean and comfortable. No stress finding car parking as there is a city lot directly in back of their block. It was especially nice to see and visit with our former director, Judi, who oversaw our gathering. The “made from scratch” menu was super and our food was speedy and delicious. I had ordered the Grilled Veggie Flatbread and would definitely order it again, but the Grilled Avocado Chicken Salad next to me looked great too. I shall bring a Vegetarian friend there someday soon and see what she thinks!” ~Norma A.

“It was so nice to see such a large turnout of GSA’s for this social event.  I enjoyed the opportunity to see some old friends and get to know some brand new GSA’s as well.   Judi did a great job making us all feel welcome (who would expect anything less from the founder of the GSA’s!).   Diz’s Cafe was clean & bright and the menu had many mouthwatering options.  I enjoyed one of the specials, the Avocado Chicken Salad.  Who knew you could deep fry an avocado and it would be so light & crispy outside while remaining firm?  Then stuff that with a fresh chicken salad and serve over a bed of lettuce and tomato with a creamy dressing and you have one delicious lunch!  I liked it so much, I plan to bring my husband with me and go back again today and try one of the other delicious looking menu items. There may be some Diz’s tots involved.” ~Roberta W.

“What a fabulous experience! The excellent food and the comfortable atmosphere is a combination you can’t beat! Then you had our attentive, friendly and helpful servers, Colby and Pamela; the magicians in the kitchen, Marianna, Jeff and Diz himself; plus Judi and Billy the general manager and it made for a delightful afternoon. And the really yummy Sangria certainly didn’t hurt! Diz’s Café is a gem we definitely need to be sharing with our friends and guests. Thanks Judi, for making us feel so welcome!” ~Sue Geyer (aka Sue1)

“Thank you so much for doing this luncheon. It was a fun time to talk with new people to the organization and to get the history of GSA from Judi Window who sat with us while we ate. The lunch of a chicken salad with fried Avocado was excellent and the Sangria was a hit.  I love the feel of the Cafe, you can see that everyone works as a team and enjoys employment there. I will definitely be back on one of the theme days that Judi was so nice to explain to us.  Looks like fun!” ~Barb D.

“Thank you for organizing the GSA get-together at Diz’s!  Paul and I are not as familiar with Manchester as we should be so we were happy to have the opportunity to visit and socialize with other GSA friends.  We loved Diz’s!  Great menu, something for everybody.  Paul had the fish and chips and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich.   We were very pleased with the food, the presentation, the service, and of course Judi is the best hostess.  We will definitely come again and will happily recommend Diz’s.” ~Vicki & Paul H.

“It was great to be able to spend time with other GSA’s while enjoying lunch at Diz’s.  The large portion sizes you get make sure no one leaves hungry.   Will have to plan to go to one of the theme nights.  Thanks again Judi for the gift bag.” ~Donna K.

“We had the most amazing selection of appetizers and flatbread pizza amongst the 5 of us at our table. Comfortable chairs well spaced in a bright and airy environment makes Diz’s a great choice for lunch, brunch or dinner. Easy parking in the back with quick access through Cat Alley. Loved it all. Thank you Sue, for arranging and thank you Judi Window for creating it. Be back soon.” ~Kathryn S.

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