Social Committee GSAs Up North Trip

Again a beautiful blue sky and sunny day drive ‘up North’ brought about 18 GSAs to Plymouth, N. Woodstock, and Lincoln areas. Our GSAs’ comments in quotations give you some insight into how great a trip it was.

At the Museum of the White Mountains on the campus of Plymouth State University,

” The Grand Hotels of the White Mountains” is this year’s major exhibition. Past and current information about past and present ‘Grand Hotels’ is featured. A dinner table is set just waiting for you, the library desk has writing tools and stamps ready for you to send a postcard telling of your visit, and the view on the veranda outside the Mount Washington Hotel is marvelous! “Cynthia’s warm welcome and introduction to the exhibit made a very enjoyable exhibit more so. Interviews with the managers added a real perspective to the life of the elite and the working folks at the Grand Hotels.”

“Grand Hotels was captivating. So much insight into what it was like and where
and when things changed.” The exhibit ends Sept 12. So you can come on your own!

From there a short drive north through NH forest areas brought us to the Woodstock
Station/Inn and Brewery in North Woodstock for lunch.

“Lunch was wonderful–with enough to take home for another meal.”

” Woodstock Station had beautiful gardens, excellent food, beverages and service!”

“We love to come here since the food is always great. And such an extensive menu.”

An even shorter drive to Jean’s Playhouse in Lincoln for “The Titanic–The Musical.”

“Impressed with Jean’s. It is small and intimate, and there are no bad seats. The cast was extremely talented and professional.”

“The quality of action and production could easily fit into New York City or Boston shows.”

In closing ” Made to feel at home at all three locations and the hospitality was excellent! Proud to be a GSA!”

“As a new GSA, thank you for welcoming me with your warm hospitality.”

THANK YOU to the Museum of the White Mountains, the Woodstock Station and Jean’s Playhouse for their help and warm welcome to all the GSAs!

We are already planning a 2020 GSA UP NORTH TRIP. Hope you can join us!