Interview: Division of Agricultural Development

Meet Gail McWilliam Jellie, Director of the Division of Agricultural Development

Division of Agricultural Development

Department of Agriculture, Markets, & Food

The mission of the Division of Agricultural Development is to create market development opportunities that result in increased sales for agricultural producers, and as the department’s public information office, inform the public of the value and diversity of the state’s agricultural heritage and industry.

The mission of the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food is to support and promote agriculture and serve consumers and business for the benefit of the public health, environment and economy.

Interview conducted March 2021

Photos and videos, courtesy of the Department of Agriculture, Markets, & Food

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GSA Feedback:

“Since she grew up on a dairy farm she has found a way to help farmers succeed and help promote farming of all kinds. I felt she really was committed to promoting agriculture not just looking at it as a job.”
“We are so fortunate to have Gail McWilliam Jellie as our spokesperson for NH Agriculture as her dynamic marketing outreach helps residents and visitors know what to do, where to go and how to purchase NH products and experiences. We offer rich experiences here in every season.”
A GSA found most interesting: “Gail’s background and history of gradual involvement in New Hampshire’s agriculture welfare and promotion.
The variety of areas covered by agriculture and importance to our state.
The excellent resources from their website that you can access to share or use yourself to enjoy our state.”
“I liked learning about the connection with other NE states and also the Big E. I’ve been encouraged since I became a GSA to experience the Big E. I guess when you spend time taking a grandchild to a fair, they are interested in the food and rides. I think I will be spending more time focusing on the other aspects of the fair.”
“Agriculture in NH is kind of our hidden gem is increasingly in plain sight…MARKETING all of our growers and producers of farm by-products, as well as those industrious farmers that engage in providing tourists farming experiences, is hugely important to growing the agricultural piece of NH economic and social well being. Not only do NH residents benefit from a healthy agricultural sector in our state, but our tourist industry benefits as well.”