Interview: WREN

Meet Pam Sullivan, Executive Director of Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN) in Bethlehem

WREN was founded 25 years ago, powered by rural women committed to the mission of supporting better lives and livelihoods, enhancing the vitality of Bethlehem’s Main Street and practicing and promoting innovation in rural economic development. Through the years, WREN’s work has impacted thousands of people across New Hampshire’s North Country by providing technical assistance training and market access for local entrepreneurs and artists and providing educational, cultural and social events for the entire community. The Gallery at WREN and The Local Works Marketplace at WREN support the livelihoods of local artists while also increasing the vitality of Bethlehem’s Main Street. WREN has also gained recognition from national organizations, such as the Ms. Foundation and the Aspen Institute, for its innovative efforts in addressing the needs of rural entrepreneurs. 

Interview conducted February 2021

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GSA Feedback:

A GSA found interesting: “How they offer classes for upcoming business/artists who want to start up their own business. Plus having a variety of items to buy and galleries to view. Definitely a place to visit.”

“Pamela Sullivan really showed her enthusiasm for both the organization and for Bethlehem itself as a community. Having visited the WREN Gallery, I didn’t realize the amount of support they gave to their artists and the number of classes they offered to help budding creative entrepreneurs. I also loved that WREN and the other businesses in the block coordinate with each other and with the Colonial Theater across the street to create a complete experience for visitor’s when they put on an event or showing.”
Pam did a great interview – most informative. It was great to hear her story about how she has been able to combine two passions as ED of WREN and her own company Sullivan Creations. I think, even if they hadn’t been searching for an executive director, Pam would have found a way to share her marketing skills to empower WREN.”
A GSA found most interesting: “The background and seeing all the art. It was also beneficial to hear what else besides The Rocks is in town. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Bethlehem.”
I’ve visited WREN and Bethlehem many times (my daughter lives in Sugar Hill) but I never realized the resources that WREN offered to the community.
Pamela Sullivan has a wealth of information about the organization, gallery, artist, programs/classes and community.”