George and Georgette Are Back!

If you’ve been a Granite State Ambassador for a few years, you might remember GSA George and GSA Georgette.  Guess what?  They’re back! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TO PRINT, COLOR & TRAVEL WITH.

It all started many years ago with Flat Stanley.  Anne and Dick Hatin, GSA League of NH Craftsmen Concord Class of 2012 brought Flat Stanley to Hawaii for their grand-niece and took pictures of Flat Stanley in Hawaii.  Her class was thrilled!  This sparked an idea for Anne.  After becoming a Granite State Ambassador, she suggested the idea of bringing something along on trips to represent the organization.  Howie Wheeler, GSA Historical Society of Cheshire County Class of 2012, suggested the names GSA George and GSA Georgette.

So Anne decided to create the models – she designed and quilted them and even gave them summer and winter outfits.  George and Georgette started traveling with Dick and Anne when they traveled with friends, and then other GSAs started to borrow them and take them on trips.  Anne delivered George and Georgette to anyone who requested to take them along on their journeys…and sure enough, George and Georgette have been to more places than I have!  The Hatins made sure to include them in many trips throughout NH.  George and Georgette have volunteered at the airport, traveled to many White Mountain Attractions, and volunteered at GSA events.

Here are a few examples of some of their other trips:

  • Anne and Dick Hatin; Doug and Liz Thomas: Hawaii

  • Anne and Dick Hatin; Steve and Karen Jordan: Bahamas, Canada, and more
  • Howie Wheeler: Mt Washington and Mt Fuji
  • Howie Wheeler and Moe Demers: Colorado, Italy, Germany

  • Elise Watson and her husband: Throughout Europe

We are so excited to utilize George and Georgette this year as part of our 25th anniversary.  Each GSA will receive a copy of George or Georgette at Founder’s Day (or by mail if requested).  Please color in George or Georgette – let’s make it fun!  Try to see if you can match George or Georgette to look like you, and then maybe there will be a contest at the end of the year!  George and Georgette like to travel, so take them along with you on your travels!  Take a picture of George or Georgette at any location, either with you or with a scene in the background, and submit it to

George and Georgette have already gotten a headstart on their 2021 travels with the Hatins and the Jordans.  They traveled to Lancaster, PA, and they also boarded an Amish buggy!


Join us in this fun 25th anniversary project!