Showcase Your Business at The Big E

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There is nothing better than engaging with enthusiastic guests in-person in your drive market! There is no cost to reserve space on the side counter to set up a display during your volunteer shifts.

One of the largest fairs in the country, this 17-day event from September 15 – October 1 in West Springfield, MA is projected to attract over 1.3 million people from southern New England, New York, and beyond. New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food owns a full-size replica of New Hampshire’s original State House that is located in a section of the fair called the Avenue of the States. Within that building, the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development fully manages an Information Center Booth that sees over 800,000 people throughout the fair.

The New Hampshire Building is part of the Avenue of States, which boasts impressive replicas of each New England state’s original statehouse sitting on land actually owned by that state. In 2022, 1,603,354 people made the Big E their destination for fun. An estimated 90% of those fair-goers visit the Avenue of States, according to Big E exit surveys. Most of those (82%) are looking for food and shopping, but a substantial number (38%) are seeking travel information. In real numbers, that’s about 1.4 million visitors to the Avenue of States, and 609,275 people who are specifically looking for tourism information. About 75% of those who were looking for travel literature planned to travel to NH after the fair (that’s 456,956 guests).

Visit the VOLUNTEER page for more information on how to sign up. On the volunteer registration form, there is a place to indicate that you would like to feature your business. We have electricity and wifi and you are welcome to bring a digital display, come in costume, or have hands-on items.