UNH Cooperative Extension Lecture

Nate Bernitz, Home Horticulture Outreach Program Manager at UNH Cooperative Extension, shares with us background information about the UNH Cooperative Extension, what they do, and the ways in which they contribute to agriculture in NH.

Program recorded March 2021

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Since 1915, the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNH Extension) has improved people’s lives by providing research-based information and non-formal education programs on topics important to the state.

Through partnerships with county governments, UNH Extension offices staffed by specialists, educators, support personnel and volunteers are located in each of the state’s 10 counties.

UNH Extension works in four broad topic areas: Youth and Family Development, Community and Economic Development, Natural Resources and Food and Agriculture.

By working in collaboration with county, state and federal governments, UNH Extension is at work in every New Hampshire county, making the state’s key industries stronger, developing vibrant communities and municipal leaders, fostering healthy families and an informed and engaged citizenry, and keeping the state’s natural resources healthy and productive.

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Informational video:

GSA Feedback:

NH folks are so fortunate to have such an amazing resource available with the Cooperative Extension Program.  I have tapped into the Extension Service on several occasions and have found all my interactions to have been educational and positive.  I love the support you and your colleagues are providing to our local fisherman and farmers;  some of the best gems we have and so worth preserving the ability to have local food and agricultural products to our residents and visitors.”

“Nate has motivated us to learn more.  As NH Granite State Ambassadors we can help visitors find local products, farms and experiences unique to our state.They love when we come up with something they may not have thought of.”

“Thank you to Nate for your interesting and informative presentation to the Granite State Ambassadors regarding the work of the UNH Coop Extension. It was the perfect kick off to our Agricultural month.  I learned so much! You snagged my interest at the start with the concept of summer-long local strawberries! What a treat!”

“I never realized there was a NH Farm Products Map which is a great resource to share with travelers/tourists but also to use for my personal use and to share with my friends and family.  I can’t wait for the fresh vegetables to arrive this summer.”

“I am impressed with all that you do to help farmers with pest monitoring, forecasting problems, education, safe food practices, sustainability and working with youth.  I would like to thank you and your coworkers for all that you do to help farmers and to keep NH agriculture as a thriving business.”