AMBIEs Awards Luncheon

At the annual AMBIE AWARDS LUNCHEON we thank and recognize our amazing GSAs individually for their incredible contributions to NHGSA, our members, our partners and the entire State of NH. There is no fee to attend and all GSAs are welcome.

Anyone can nominate a GSA for an award, descriptions of the awards are listed below. Nominations for 2018 are closed.
Awards and Honors
Click here to check the list of honorees

Hours Awards (50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000+)
5 year and 10 year anniversaries
Top Annual Hours Awards
Various merit awards that change from year to year
Judi Window “It’s Always Sunny in NH” Award
Service Award
Hospitality From the Heart Award
GSA of the Year

Timing and Details

Doors open at 9:30am
Free parking is available on site
You may sit where ever you like, if you will be going up to receive an Hours Award try to sit closer to the front if possible
GSAs will receive their annual membership cards when they arrive to check in, and a new Yearbook after the awards ceremony
The Awards Presentation begins at 10:00 a.m.
Luncheon follows the award presentation at approximately 11:30 a.m.
We will have GSA uniform shirts available to try on for sizing, and order forms for our post-AMBIEs order

What to Wear

GSAs please wear your official GSA Uniform

Green GSA Shirt
GSA Name Tag
Khaki Pants/Skirt/Shorts
Comfortable Shoes

Invited guests please feel free to join in the fun and wear a green shirt or simply come as you are!

Peer Awards

Anyone can nominate a GSA for these awards. Click here for the nomination page. Nominations close May 13.

This award is given to a GSA extraordinaire who provides outstanding service to New Hampshire’s Tourism Industry. The GSA of the Year often goes above and beyond to assist NHGSA with its mission and programs. This GSA is making a difference by volunteering at centers, providing guests with a unique experience, helping to train and mentor other GSAs, and doing so with endless spirit and enthusiasm.

This award is given to the GSA who spends endless hours trying to go unnoticed and gives generous contributions to other GSAs from their warm heart. Candidate should have a down to earth personality, and make everyone feel comfortable by demonstrating altruism and helpfulness to others.

This award is given to the GSA that serves the GSA program by volunteering their time with enthusiasm. They are someone who shares their training expertise with others, while still continuing to learn about the state of New Hampshire through GSA special events, tours, and specialized trainings.

The recipient of this award not only has a sunny personality, but puts the motto “It’s Always Sunny in NH” into practice while volunteering. This GSA handles tough situations and rainy days with poise and a positive outlook, and leaves guests and fellow GSAs feeling welcomed and supported.

This award honors individuals who give something extra making them an invaluable part of our state and a critical part of the GSA organization. This award may be given to a GSA or someone who is not a GSA. They can be either a volunteer or professional. The nominating committee may choose to award zero Merit Awards or many, depending on who’s nominated. If you see a GSA go above and beyond while volunteering, or do something special for a center or event, they are a good candidate for a Merit Award.

This status is given to a GSA (living or who has passed away) who has honorably resigned or retired their GSA position, but who retains their GSA membership.

This can be given to anyone (GSA, Volunteer, NH Tourism Industry Employee or Friend of GSA) at any time to commend them for something wonderful, great customer service, friendly personality, helpful in situations. “Kudos” may be given multiple times to one person. Anyone who receives kudos recognition throughout the year will be brought to the attention of the nominating committee for the larger awards.