MHT Shift Re-opening



We and the airport are very excited to have you back! We want you to be and to feel safe. That is our first concern! If you start your shift and don’t feel safe, please DO NOT STAY. Let Kelly know and then go home. Everything is fluid right now and some are venturing out for the first time. Above all, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.  We’ve tried to think of and provide you with resources to keep you safe, but we can’t guarantee it. We are relying on you to take responsibility for your health and safety and take measures to secure it. If we have forgotten something or can do more for you, please tell us and we will do our very best.

PARKING: The upper floors of the parking garage are closed. Park on the highest floor available –  3rd floor for now – until the upper floors open.

Required: If you have not signed electronically, please sign the COVID waiver on the clipboard and put it in the rear of the binder with tick sheets.





  • Take temperature before you leave home – above 99.6, cancel shift
  • If you don’t feel well or have any respiratory symptoms, cancel shift
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID, cancel shift
  • If you arrive on shift and don’t feel comfortable – do not work out shift – go home
  • Stay 6’ apart from other volunteers and guests.
  • Wash and sanitize hands regularly.

Sneeze Guards: Sneeze guards will cover the front half of the booth – 3 sided with a pass through slot on front. Photo is of uninstalled guards with film still on them. Brochure racks will serve as a block on the rear half.

GSAs in booth: If 2 volunteers are scheduled and you are not from the same household, one should volunteer as a walk about or outside the booth. Rotating is encouraged. The booth door is being retrofitted to open outward –  you may open the booth door and put down the accessible counter if you would like to extend the booth size to fit 2 GSAs in the event both can’t stand for a long duration.

If you prefer to volunteer alone during COVID, log into the GSA calendars and go to your PROFILE tab and add ” – * Works Alone ” AFTER your FIRST name. Don’t forget to click SAVE.
If you need help, Kelly or Emily can do it for you.

Masks: The airport has required that employees wear masks when in the terminal and assisting guests. Use disposable or provide your own mask (be sure and wash reusable masks after each shift). Use your best judgement about lowering your mask when inside the booth between flights.
We have some disposable masks in the Health Supply Drawer and the airport has some hanging in front of the TSA que line a the top of the escalator. If you are about to run out of masks in the booth, let Kelly know and ask for a box at the Communications Center.

Cleaning: At the beginning and end of your shift (first 10 minutes / last 10 minutes), wipe down all booth counters (inside and out), phone, keyboard (and/or change plastic covering), writing implements, drawer pulls, door, Ask Me buttons, chairs etc. Duplication will ensure all areas are cleaned and fresh in case something is missed and provide peace of mind. The outside of the sneeze guard will be cleaned nightly by the airport. The booth interior will be sanitized by an electrostatic machine nightly.

Pens: If a guest needs to use a pen, we have extra. They can keep it. Call Kelly for more. If you are re-using a pen in the booth – please sanitize them between shifts.

Brochures: Use gloves when restocking brochures. If people put brochures back, put on gloves and throw the top brochures out. Do not wear gloves unless you are touching things others have touched. You are not safer with them on for general use – hand washing and sanitizer will prevent cross contamination. Kelly and Emily will be restocking the booth moving forward. GSA Tim A will be sending us a regular list of what is needed.

Hand sanitizer – please do not fill your personal bottles. Airport employees have been reprimanded for doing so. There is a shortage in supply. Use before and during your shift. There are two small bottles for emergency use if the large airport sanitizer is empty.

Health Supply drawer – volunteer glove and mask supply are limited. For more masks, ask at the communications center for a new box. Please use for airport use only – please don’t take home for later/personal use. Bringing your own mask is encouraged. If you would like a washable one, we have some GSAs who are sewing! Ask Kelly. You may wear a face shield (you supply) instead of a mask.

Keyboard (left): I have supplied some plastic wrap to cover the keyboard. Change plastic each shift. If this doesn’t work out – just use wipes to clean keys between shifts.

Glove and Mask Disposal – please dispose of masks and gloves in large trash receptacles outside the booth – NOT the booth trash. There are ziploc bags available to put them in before disposal.

Masks for guests (right): there are some hanging on a rack at the beginning of the TSA que line – restocked each morning. To refresh the supply for the booth volunteers, ask at the communications center for a box. I’ve supplied a box to get you started. The airlines are requiring guests to wear a mask while getting on/off plane and during flight.

Restroom use: Bring a wipe or paper towel from the booth with you to open doors, and dry hands etc. Wash thoroughly and use hand sanitizer before entering booth.

Secure side volunteers – no access to the business center. Sign in and out in the info booth (moving forward).

Walk about – use ASK ME buttons. Don’t have to wear the apron – we don’t have a mechanism to keep them clean and sanitized. Priority is to let guests know masks are required to board / fly airlines if they are not wearing one and what is open for amenities on secure side.

Cleaning products: Sanitizer spray (airport’s is better than kitchen spray I supplied to get you started) – Ask at the communications center to have the bottle refilled and for more paper towels. I have supplied a few canisters of wipes to use for keyboard, phone and drawers, mouse… smaller items in the booth (use sparingly, you have our entire supply and they are hard to come by). When we run out of wipes – alternately, spray a paper towel, then wipe things down with it.

NEW PRINTER LOCATION: The printer is being raised and put on a wheeling cart and put over on the right, just inside the booth. The counter will be cut to accommodate the height and the right end of our wooden storage shelves will be removed.



What’s open:

Car rentals – open 9am-midnight / 7 days

Dunkin Donuts – 6am-7pm public / 5am-1pm secure (need to double check on hours for this one)

Hudsons – gate 8 has snacks, breakfast sandwiches, beverages, food, souvenirs, hand sanitizer, electronics (secure and public) – 4am until last flight out

Samuel Adams Restaurant (secure side) – 6am to last flight out.

Business Center is closed

Liquor store is closed

Gates 1-7 are closed as are restaurants and restrooms in that area. Nursing pod, play area and pet relief area are open. Terminal is blocked between gates 5-6.

Secure side: Hudson’s (1 large and 1 small); Dunkin Donuts and Sam Adams Restaurant.

Terminal Cleaning:
The airport has stepped up cleaning and will be using an electrostatic sanitizing machine between all flights in the waiting areas.

The Taxi’s are running, but may not be waiting in the que line. Guests will have to wait at curb for one to pull forward or make a phone call for service.
Manchester Transit Authority (MTA) is resuming all fixed routes on July 1. Greyhound, Boston Express and Concord Coach have no service at this time. View list: Ground Transportation MHT – July 2020. Keep this list updated and posted on front counter please for when GSAs are not there.

Tick Sheets:
Emily will be stopping into the booth at the beginning of each month to pick up the tick sheets. The booth, walk-about and secure side should all be signing in on the same sheet in the info booth.


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