Interview: Lef Farms

Meet DJ Grandmaison, Sales & Marketing at Lef Farms

We believe that any lettuce that has to travel cross country to get to you can’t be called fresh. That’s why we grow our lettuce right here in New Hampshire 365 days a year and deliver it to your local retailers within 24 hours of being harvested. Now that’s what we call fresh.

We harvest our greens at a chilly 35°F in our harvest room designed to rapidly remove heat and lock in the fresh taste. Yes, it’s science. The most amazing part is that our greens last. Enjoy the same deliciousness and crunch for weeks after you take them home.

Where our farm and 75,000-sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse now stand was once a plot of land most people considered unusable. But we felt it had the potential to become the home of the freshest and tastiest greens in New England. You’ve seen the word “organic” on greens and other produce, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Our farm is completely automated and 100% hydroponic which means no foodborne illnesses or pathogens, an environment more sustainable than organic growing and only the safest and cleanest quality greens.

Interview recorded January 2022

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Farm, Forest & Garden Expo 2022

Friday February 4, 2022 9am-7pm, and Saturday February 5, 2022 9am-4pm

This in-person, family-friendly event, open to the public, features a variety of engaging exhibitors, educational workshops and demonstrations of interest to home-owners and industry members alike, live animals, children’s programs and activities, and a new Garden/Landscaping Skills Showcase area.

Admission includes everything at $10 per person; ages 12 and under will be admitted for free. Tickets are available online now. As a special thank you, all pre-purchased tickets will be entered into a special drawing for a get-away at the Inn at East Hill Farm, in Troy NH. More details are on our website.

The New Hampshire Farm, Forest & Garden Exposition founding sponsors are the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, the NH Division of Forests & Lands and the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food.  Lef Farms is also a sponsor and exhibitor.


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