Blog: Our Day on the NH Heritage Museum Trail in Wolfboro

by GSA Pam Magrath, Radisson Hotel Manchester Class of 2006
with GSA Ginny Leighton, St. Mary’s Bank – America’s Credit Union Museum Class of 2008 and GSA Rose Shajenko, St. Mary’s Bank – America’s Credit Union Museum Class of 2008

The day began cool and drizzly; we decided to visit a few museums.

We began our day at the The Libby Museum of Natural History. What a pleasant surprise!

We were welcomed by Donna and given a quick overview. The collection was first established by the Libby family with their own collections. There were many hidden gems among these: art work, skeletons, nests, minerals, habitats, maps and models. Something for everyone.

Quite a number of families were enjoying museum created scavenger hunts with their kids. A camp group was having a private program in a special ‘group’ gathering spot in the back.
The Libby Museum is the perfect place to spend a chilly, rainy lakeside day.

Next we visited the New Hampshire Boat Museum, don’t miss the introductory film!

Big boats as well as small boats–All things boats.
If you enjoy boating this is the spot for you.
Or, if you just want to learn a little more, it is worth a visit.

Finally we immersed ourselves in WWII memorabilia at the Wright Museum of World War II.

Everything pertaining to life during that time period has been preserved and put out for all to relive or discover.
Young or old, there is something to be learned.

By the time we finished our tours, the sun had come out.
A stop at the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center followed by an ice cream at lakeside.
We had a great day on the NH Heritage Museum Trail!