Tour: Winter Cog Excursion

By: Emily McMaster, GSA Communications Director

On a cold winter day, our GSAs ventured north to the Mount Washington Cog Railway for a winter train ride!  It was in the single digits at the base, but the clear blue skies meant beautiful views of Mount Washington and the promise of views at a higher elevation.


The base station includes a gift shop and some food options, as well as a small museum about the history of the Cog Railway, which was built in 1869.  We boarded the Cog at the platform and were able to take a GSA picture with a photographer, which can be purchased at the end of the trip.  Our train began its ascent, with one of the train attendants watching the track from the front as the train climbs.  He provided an informational overview of the Cog.  The front door remained open, so we were able to watch the train climb the tracks.  Despite the exposure to the outdoor air, the train was heated, and we were bundled up.

We witnessed 2 skiiers skiing down the mountain as we climbed, along the side of the tracks.  We reached Waumbek Station, 4000′ foot elevation, within around 20 minutes.  After disembarking from the train, we had around 20 minutes to take in the breathtaking views.  The clear blue skies enabled stunning views of the valley and higher up the mountain.  The station offered several warming huts, a fire (with marshmallows!), some hot beverages (coffee and hot chocolate)…and even a Cog Railway cookie.  Yum! 

Although we did not have a record of the temperature at 4000′ elevation, since it was single digits at the base of the mountain, you can imagine how it felt 4000′ higher!  We were quick to board the train and descend back down the mountain.  The entire trip spanned an hour, and it flew by.

After such a fantastic excursion, our GSAs will be sure to recommend a winter trip with the Cog Railway to guests of NH!

More photos can be found here.