Interview: Sugar River Region

Meet Ashlee Rowley, Executive Director of Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce, and Elyse Crossman, Executive Director of Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce

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Sullivan County in the central western part of NH is where the beauty of natural attractions, our rich history & culture, amazing food, events of all kinds, strong and influential small & large businesses, outdoor recreation and the creativity of the arts all convene. It’s an amazing place to live, work and play. As residents of Sullivan County we want to define our identity and our sense of place – through numerous roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions we were able to name ourselves the Sugar River Region. The Sugar River and Lake Sunapee tie together all our smaller communities and show the symbiotic nature of our region. We are working on creating a Destination Marketing Organization to not only better define the amazing assets we have in Sullivan County but also to promote our region for travelers, guests, relocators, new businesses and more. We are in the early stages of this DMO creation and we hope you will follow along as we create this powerhouse team of Sullivan County advocates and supporters to make the Sugar River Region a go-to destination.

Interview recorded March 2022

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