GSA Winter 2022 Recap

By: Emily McMaster, GSA Communications Director

Granite State Ambassadors have had a busy start to 2022, with lots of events and educational opportunities.  Learn more about where our Granite State Ambassadors (GSAs) are volunteering and what topics they are learning more about to better refer our guests around the state!

January 2022

Volunteer Hours Summary:

114 Volunteers served 834 hours at 5 welcome centers, 3 virtual opportunities, and 1 in-person tour (assisting 1796 guests) for a total value of $23,795.44 * (*independent sector).


42 Volunteers participated in a virtual program called Big Trees of NH, presented by Kevin Martin, boatbuilder and outdoorsman.  Martin showed and discussed these big trees as described in his book Big Trees of New Hampshire.

18 Volunteers were given the opportunity to ride the Cog in the winter on a cold January day.  This experience was so enjoyed by the GSAs who participated that we are lucky to have four GSA blogs: Cog Railway on Mt. Washington, Riding the Cog in January, A GSA’s Cog Experience, and Tour: Winter Cog Excursion.

In preparation for the NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo in February, we conducted two interviews.  One focused on the KidZone portion of the expo.  The second interview focused on a sponsor of the expo: Lef Farms.


8 GSAs met in January for a Think Tank meeting to discuss GSA operations.

GSA staff hosted a quarterly MHT Roundtable, where 20 volunteers shared thoughts regarding the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport’s (MHT) NH Information Booth.  MHT staff provided an update on airport operations to 21 volunteers and staff.

MHT hosted a virtual presentation on anti-human trafficking and awareness.  39 volunteers participated in this training.

February 2022

Volunteer Hours Summary:

95 Volunteers served 959 hours at 7 welcome centers, 2 virtual opportunities, and 1 event (assisting 2333 guests) for a total value of $27,369.86 * (*independent sector).

39 volunteers assisted with the NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo, for a total of 228 hours.  This event took place on February 4th and 5th.  NH Granite State Ambassadors as an organization were the managers for the expo.  The event was a success!


35 volunteers participated in a program called Heritage Tourism & NH Scenic Byways, presented by Michael Provost.  Provost presented on heritage tourism and how this impacts the NH Scenic Byways. We often get questions from guests about the NH Scenic Byways.


Our Conversations with Emily interview series continued through an interview with NH LAKES.


GSA staff presented to a Hampton Rotary club to spread the word about our organization..  

GSA staff also conducted a meeting with Welcome Center Managers that participate in our Volunteer Support Program to discuss the 2022 season and new GSA opportunities.

March 2022


115 Volunteers served around 1,076 hours at 7 welcome centers, 2 virtual opportunities, and 1 event (assisting 3569 guests) for a total value of $30,145.87 * (*independent sector).

6 volunteers assisted with the NH Poetry Out Loud Competition at the NH Statehouse on March 11th, for a total of 25 hours.


We continued our Conversations with Emily series with an interview about the newly formed Sugar River Region.  Ashlee Rowley, Executive Director of Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce, and Elyse Crossman, Executive Director of Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce, provided a comprehensive overview of the new region.

Stay tuned for all of our events, volunteer opportunities, and learning opportunities in the spring!