Ice Cream Trail Coloring Page

By: Christine Plourde, GSA Intern

The pictures below are the NH Ice Cream Trail coloring sheet, along with an example of the sheet colored in and filled out. I was inspired to make it for a few reasons. One small reason was simply my love of art. But the main inspiration started from when I was thinking about this trail of places of yummy ice cream shops in New Hampshire and how I could help promote it and get it the attention it deserves. Then it came to me that I remembered some places with coloring sheets for kids. The coloring sheets had some food that they served and sometimes little critters on it. They also had some fun questions and fill-in-the-blanks like “my favorite food is…”, “my favorite dessert is…” or “my favorite flavor of [food item] is….”

So, I took those memories and created this coloring page. To add to my inspiration and desire to bring more attention to the NH Ice Cream Trail, I decided to add the questions to it. The questions were added so that parents can take pictures of their kids with the colored-in page and post it on social media. This way families can share their fun vacation stop at a New Hampshire ice cream place while the ice cream places on the trail get recognition too. 

When it comes to ice cream, everyone has their favorite flavor(s). For me, my favorite flavors are good old-fashioned chocolate, some variation of chocolate lovers/extreme chocolate/death by chocolate, but I also like the occasional vanilla or cookies and cream. Lately I have developed a big liking for cookies & cream flavors. So far, one of my favorite places on the trail is Ilsley’s Ice Cream in Weare, NH. I loved how friendly Ilsley’s was and how it was a bit off the beaten path with a fun cow theme everywhere and live cows. Not to mention they had amazing possible award-winning chocolate ice cream!