Interview: Kearsarge Food Hub

Meet Hanna Flanders, Co-founder of Kearsarge Food Hub and Creative Director of Community Engagement

Vision: We envision a resilient and connected community where everyone is empowered to access healthy food, where local farmers are supported and the land is nourished, and where all people share a common sense of place.

Mission: Our mission is to reinvigorate our community within a restorative local food system by cultivating food sovereignty, growing engaged learners, and nurturing community.

The Kearsarge Food Hub was formed in the fall of 2014 by young adults fresh out of college who felt strongly about protecting the beauty of our natural world and its ability to provide for and nurture us and future generations.

We were all called, in our own ways, to the same paramount challenge: to reforge a sense of community around a localized food system. We came together over meals and informal meetings, not knowing exactly where or how to begin. We reached out to local farmers, producers, and community members, and slowly things began to come into focus…Read more about their story

Interview recorded July 2021

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Sweet Beet Farm:

Learning as we Grow. We strive to grow flavorful and nutrient dense foods for market while exploring regenerative practices to nurture the land and pursuing farm based education initiatives to engage the community.


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