AMBIES 2022 Earned Awards

Please review the 2022 Earned Awards List to be sure everything is as it should be. If we have made a mistake or you think you are close enough to earn a milestone earned award, please email The badges and tags are being ordered this week.

NOTE: Badges come with a magnet back and are printed with your first name only. If you would like a pin back or something different for your name, let Kelly know asap.

Thank you!

50 Hour Permanent Badge – New

Blood, Charles
Blood, Judith
Collins, Janice
Crippen, Patricia
Cunningham, Wilma
DeFrancisco, Barbara 
Ducharme, Wendy
Gonser, Joan
Hall, Marie
Jasie, Peter
Judd, William
Judge, Kristin
Katz, Joan
LaValley, Carin
Mason, Leslie
Maynard, JoAnn
McDonald, Joan
McLane, Randall
Nazaka, Julie
Olson, Madeline
Pelletier, Richard
Provost, Michael
Robbins-Murphy, Jeannine
Rowley, Kim
Smith, Brian
Strong, Julie
Vogt, Harry
Wilson, Bob
Wyman, Deborah

50 Hour Badge – Earned and Received
Botta, Lou
Parodi, Suzanne
Wells, Brian

Replacement Badge

Distefano, Joseph (green – use full name)

100 Hours

Arpin, Pamela
Collins, Janice
Crippen, Patricia
Daigle, Kathi
Demopoulos, Margaret Bravar
Doolan, Nicole
Gonser, Joan
Goodrich, Bobbie
Holman, Christopher
Kelly, Patricia
Lamarre, D. Mark
Lamarre, Jeanne
Leiby, Virginia
Mason, Leslie
Maynard, JoAnn
Parodi, Suzanne
Pelletier, Richard
Rowley, Ashlee
Smith, Brian
Vincent, Charlotte
Wales, Benjamin
Wales, Doren
Walsh, Joanne
Washburn, Jane
Wilson, Bob

250 Hours

McGrath, Bob
Botta, Lou
Brockett, Dawn
Connors, Mary
Crippen, Patricia
Daigle, Kathi
Kelly, Patricia
Kotowski, Liz
Lamarre, D. Mark
Lamarre, Jeanne
McMillan, Robert
Parodi, Suzanne
Polish, Leigh
Walker, Shulie
Wheeler, Sharen

500 Hours

Booth, Betsy
Buonopane, Christine
Polish, Leigh
Sullivan, Marilyn

1000 Hours & Lifetime Status (silver badge)

Miner, Diane
Mullen, Bob
Nadeau, Carmen V.
Polish, Leigh
Storm, Patricia
Spoerl, Bob

2000 Hours
Lai, Ron

3000 Hours
Greenbaum, Sue

Top Annual Hours Aug 21 to Sept 22

Polish, Leigh 550.25
Chandonnet, Sandra 493.25
Adams, Timothy 479.75
Green, Karen 432.25
Wallner, Nicholas 350.25

Anniversary Recognition

Classes from 2017  – 5 year

Stark Brewing Company Class of 2017
Waterville Valley Resort Class of 2017
NHTI, Concord’s Community College Class of 2017

Classes from 2012  – 10 year & Lifetime Status

Gr Manchester Chamber of Commerce Class 2012
League of NH Craftsmen Class 2012
White Mountain National Forest Class 2012
Historical Society of Cheshire County Class 2012

Classes from 2002  – 20 year

Canterbury Shaker Village Class 2002
Seabrook Greyhound Park Class 2002
Sprint Class 2002

Classes from 1997  – 25 year 

NH Made Class 1997
Lucknow Class 1997
Red Spotted Newt Class 1997