Host a Training

Our 2023 Certification Locations have been committed. Email Kelly at to host a 2024 Certification Training. For more information on the training itself, visit our ‘Become a GSA‘ pages.

NHGSA asks the following donation/sponsorship:

  • Ample space for classroom style meeting for up 20-25 students and a head table for up to five speakers. (The group should fit comfortably – the class is two full days, including meals & breaks.)
  • Classes run two consecutive days from 9am-4pm. We will need additional time for set-up (7:30am on the first day and 8am on the second day) and break down (5pm on the second day).
  • We ask that you or a partner provide lunch each day, and beverages (e.g., coffee, tea, soda and/or water) and a light snack (e.g., cookies, brownies and/or fruit) for morning & afternoon breaks. Planned lunch and snack times will be provided. On the second day, there are usually a few speakers that either stay for lunch or come early to present.
  • We have our own LCD projector, screen, and laptop computer for presentations. If you already have this equipment, please let us know. If we bring our own, we will need a location in the front of the room with a small table.

In exchange for your donation/sponsorship we will:

  • Name the class as you’d like (e.g., “Your Business Name” Class of 2023  — Aviation Museum Class of 2023);
  • Provide a one-hour slot for you to speak about your property and give a tour of your facility to the students;
  • Instruct GSAs who graduate from this class to be “experts” on your facility as proud graduates of the class bearing your name;
  • Require GSAs who graduate from this class to wear a GSA name tag with their class name on it while they are on duty at visitor centers, special events and tours;
  • Your GSA participants will be identified with your class name for awards, articles…
  • Feature a group photo of your class in our GSA Annual Yearbook with your class name;
  • Provide you with a class photo bearing your name;
  • Reserve seats for up to five staff members or volunteers to your training free of charge;
  • Include your name on all class materials and in promotion (website, social media, press releases,
    event flyers, event listings, class books, and materials…);
  • Provide you with Volunteer Supporter privileges for 2023.
  • Article about your business for our newsletter to inform the larger group of GSAs

– GSAs are encouraged to support businesses who support NHGSA

  • Include your name and logo (where possible) on statewide press release, event listings, social media, and relevant announcements.
  • Add your logo and class name to our training attendee folders.
  • Post an article educating our GSA volunteers about your campus.

Granite State Ambassadors Training Program
Room Set-up and Equipment List

2 Head tables – one for staff – 2-3 seats and one for five speakers – each up front (facing the class)

Projection screen (we have a small one if needed)

Small table for our laptop & projector (if you can provide a projector, please let us know)

Enough room for speakers to stand and address the class

Classroom-style, table and chairs set up for up to 32 students.

We will contact you to confirm numbers one week prior to the class.

  • We strongly suggest classroom style tables for books, papers & materials.
  • There should be room for at 25-30 students and 5-6 speakers.
  • We like to have enough room to walk around and stand in a circle.
  • We need at least five additional chairs set up in the back of the room for incoming speakers to sit while waiting for their presentation slot.
  • 2 tables for registration and display

Can’t do it exactly this way? That’s ok – we’re flexible! Just let us know in advance.

Training contact:

Kelly Bryer, Executive Director

603-960-0272 cell