Tour: White Mountains Attractions Four-Day FAM Tour

Dates: June 19 – 22, 2023

Sign-ups: Now open.

Eligibility: You haven’t been on this tour in the past 5 years. You must be an active GSA and have 100 volunteer service hours to sign up and have recently volunteered or be scheduled to volunteer between now and July 1. Hours requirement will drop to 100 hours on Monday 5/15 at 8 am.

Costs: The 4-day bus tour includes all lodging, admissions, and meals. You are responsible for gratuities. An estimate will be given.

Lodging: You will be assigned a roommate. If you have someone in mind, please let us know.

Uniform: GSA uniforms are required for the first day.  You are welcome to wear what you’d like on the subsequent days.

NOTE: This is the White Mountains Attractions FAM tour and is different from the White Mountain National Forest Tour.

Difficulty: THIS IS A FAST PACED 4-DAY TOUR WITH A LOT OF WALKING AND GETTING ON AND OFF A BUS. To be fair to attendees and attractions, you must be able to keep up with the group.  You MUST STAY for the duration of the entire tour. No in and out, no exceptions.

The 2023 FAM Tour will be a 4-day adventure where we will visit and learn about the 17 White Mountains Attractions. As in past years, this tour is designed for tourism representatives to experience the attractions and then share their knowledge with visitors (or neighbors) of New Hampshire.

Itinerary information will be coming soon! View last year’s Itinerary here.