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Description: To support our Granite State Ambassador volunteers, our partners have supported NHGSA by giving free or reduced price meals, admissions, donations to our auction, awards for AMBIEs… It’s our turn to support them. Help us to personally reach out and let them know we are here and willing to promote their gift certificate sales, upcoming events and programs, virtual tours & experiences, and their hours or offerings during the pandemic.

Goal: Let those who have donated to NHGSA know that we appreciate when they were there for us and how we want to be there for them now when they need us.

Result: Share our compiled lists of answers with our GSAs and partners, encouraging them to purchase gift certificates now. Demonstrate that we are prepared to do our part.

We will provide a list of partners with phone numbers.

Call each business and ask for the person listed or marketing manager or general manager. The Marketing manager is usually our contact person.

Identify yourself as a Granite State Ambassador. Tell them about our daily Sunny Gazette and that our GSA welcome center volunteers are using this time to learn all they can about NH and we would like to include information about them. Acknowledge that in the past they have supported our organization and we would like to do what we can to help and promote them to over a 1000 GSAs that either volunteer or work on NH’s front line.

If you are leaving a message, tell them we have a link to a questionnaire on our homepage

If you speak to them, choose relevant questions….

  • Are you selling or having a gift certificate or sales promotion?
  • How are they selling them (online, in person, call…)
  • We will be promoting purchasing gift certificates to our volunteers and partners.
  • Are you planning any special events or programs when the state re-opens (summer, fall…)?
  • Do you have anything new to share (addition, renovation, new programs, exhibits, rides…)?
  • Are there any other ways we can help promote you during this time? Ask if they are doing social media educational posts, offerings…
  • Are they open or closed during pandemic (hours, days…)?
  • Do they have a virtual tour or educational materials to share so we can learn more about them? The state’s tourism office is also working on a promotion featuring virtual tours and virtual experiences. We will share all we collect.

Invite them to share their news to our Facebook page.

Thank them for their past support, wish them well.

Make note of answers and update any contact information.

Partner List (we are still working on adding phone numbers):

After you sign up on our project form, you can add your name next to businesses in our spreadsheet so we don’t duplicate efforts or email Kelly your choices. We can also send you a list of our choosing. You can email your notes from your conversations to or fill out the partner questionnaire directly on their behalf.


Here is email that went out to our industry partners on Friday, April 4, 2020. After follow-up calls have been made, we will send another email out.


Description: Do online research and/or phone calls to identify and document virtual tours and experiences.

Goal: To share ways GSAs and visitors can explore New Hampshire from their homes.

Result: Helps us to engage our Granite State Ambassadors, supports our key partner’s marketing initiative, and supports our statewide partners who have been most affected by the shut-downs.

Virtual Tours & Experiences can include:

  • Wildlife Cameras/Nature Cam/Web Cams
  • Virtual tours of attractions, museums, trails or lodging properties
  • Facebook or Instagram live sessions from local attractions/properties
  • Virtual/Facebook meet-ups
  • Wine/beer tastings
  • NH musicians online concerts
  • Virtual workouts such as yoga or dance classes
  • Online Educational opportunities
  • Activities and learning for kids from NH attractions/businesses

Email Name of tour / experience and the website where we can find more information to or fill out our online spreadsheet directly at


Description: Update existing or create new documents based on your experience and conversations with the center manager.

Email for a copy of existing MHT documents.


Description: Review current referral guides and submit updates and ideas to include in 2020 versions. These regional documents are filled with local referrals from Granite State Ambassadors & State Welcome Center attendants as an informational starting point for guest referrals. For business referrals, please reference your local brochures & guides. View Guides

Email suggestions to Include which guide, and section you are referring to.


Description: Lists of places to refer guests to when the liquid sunshine makes an appearance. List will be categorized by type and region.

Click here for spreadsheet. You should be able to add items directly


Description: Create list of New Hampshire museums and historical sites. Each listing will include name, address, phone, website and short description.

Click here for spreadsheet. You should be able to add items directly.


Description: Outline scenic drives by region. Highlight suggested stops of interest.

Email your drive suggestions with highlights to

Here are some existing drives from our partners to review for ideas, but please make them your own: Dartmouth / Lake Sunapee Seacoast Lakes Region Tour Maine and New Hampshire


  1. Identify airports with volunteer programs. List contact person and their info, and website along with anything interesting or unique about their programs.
  2. Volunteer programs at welcome and information centers. List contact person and their info, and website along with anything interesting or unique about their programs.

Email your notes to


Email your content ideas to

Calling all GSAs!  Looking for a way to earn GSA Administrative hours while you are social distancing?  We have the perfect opportunity for you!  We are absolutely loving putting together our Sunny Gazette, but we need your help to keep it going on a daily basis!  We are looking for content ideas and for GSAs to help us write different sections.  Do you know of some local businesses who are going above and beyond to help their customers or the community?  Do you have some ideas of how you can help your community?  Do you have recommendations for learning opportunities or entertainment?

We are looking for GSA’s to sign up for a section, which we can use for an upcoming Sunny Gazette.  Each earns 3 hours.

Business Spotlight: A paragraph on a business in the community who has gone above and beyond to help either their customers or the community.  It could be a business who has started creating hand sanitizer, or maybe they are helping with feeding the community.  Take a look at some of our previous business spotlights to see what types of businesses we are looking for.

What Can You Do-Community: A paragraph on a way in which you can help your community.  Be creative!  It could be some resources on places where you can donate food or information on businesses who are asking for help.

Learn from a GSA: Do you have a hobby or a skill that you’d like to share?  Some tips for amateurs who are looking for a new hobby to take up?  Maybe you are taking up a new hobby and would like to share your journey.  We’d love to hear about it!  Write up a paragraph, and include a picture if you can, so that we can learn from you.

Community Good News from GSAs: This section is a compilation of community-wide updates surrounding all sorts of positive news during this crisis.  Take a look at previous issues to see some of the examples that we have used so far.  Must submit at least 2 pieces of news in this section, with several sentences describing each.  If you submit 3 or more pieces of news, you can earn an extra hour!

Other: If you have some positive news to share that doesn’t fit in any of these other sections, let us know!  It might be something we can include as a separate section.  Nature photos with descriptions, book suggestions, movie suggestions…if you write up a paragraph, we can include it.

Thank you for your help!  We are looking forward to this project!