NH Gives / COVID Fundraising Campaign

THANK YOU – WE ARE SO EXCITED AND HUMBLED to say that we exhausted the $6,850 board match!

Our Granite State Ambassadors are passionate: Passionate about our beautiful state – Passionate about the tourism industry – and Passionate about keeping our organization as strong as ever through this crisis. You have always been an incredible inspiration to us, and today, we just don’t know what to say. Your vote of confidence and support during our COVID Campaign and NH GIVES fundraisers was overwhelming to say the least. Emily and I are beyond words and were moved to tears by your generosity. We set out to patch our boat by trying to raise $5,000 in addition to our board’s match donations. When we combine the earlier 2020 donations of $375, and the $1010 donated in memory of Jim Guild with our incredible matching funds and your very generous donations, we raised $21,000 for our organization! This puts us back on solid ground to finish out our year and begin next year as budgeted. Thank you!! We are in your debt and will continue to work as hard as possible to give you the platform and resources to continue to engage and help provide the best New Hampshire experience for our guests and residents.

Extremely proud to be a GSA,


Raffle Drawing – Results

  • $250 Indian Head Resort – Arlene R.
  • $50 Common Man – Karen G.
  • $50 CC&D Kitchen Marketplace – Hanni G.
  • $50 Fratellos/Homestead – Gretchen Z.
  • $50 Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery – Lyn G.
  • $50 Diz’s Café – Mary O.
  • $50 Diz’s Café – Maryellen M.
  • $50 T-Bones/Cactus Jack’s/Copper Door/DingDongDeliver – Sue Ge.
  • $50 Bubba’s Bar & Grille – Sue Gr.
  • $50 Moonlight Meadery – Mary-Helen M.
  • $50 GSA Merchandise – Marty W.

Your staff has been working hard on your behalf during the  Stay at Home order!

15 minute video

Granite State Ambassadors is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit.  We operate on a very small $120,000 expense budget and leverage every dollar we receive above that amount to keep us financially solvent and continue to build for our future. Over the past 5 years, we paid off our debt and built a savings that is sustaining us for 2020. Like many organizations, we will have to rebuild in 2021.

Through the pandemic, our contracts with the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport & the NH Division of Travel and Tourism remain intact. To help offset other major revenue losses we have and will be incurring this year, we are expanding upon the statewide NH Gives nonprofit fundraiser and are incentivizing donations with matches and raffles through June 10th.


If you love what being a GSA brings to your life, please consider making a donation. This year, we have set a goal to have 100 of our 340 active GSAs donate $50, but all amounts are sincerely appreciated. We are calling it optional membership support, but it is an investment in our future and our ability to maintain our engaging programs and opportunities for you into 2021. You can mail checks directly to save on processing fees, or give online.

Please help us reach our goal – 5 minute invitation to participate

** If you are mailing a donation, please fill out our PLEDGE FORM so we can anticipate your gift and light up our SUN sooner!

Fastest way – Granite State Ambassadors • PO Box 417 Campton NH 03223 (Kelly’s home office) or
Granite State Ambassadors • 470 Mast Rd • Goffstown NH 03045
Make checks payable to: Granite State Ambassadors
Please put “donation” on the memo line.

or donate using your credit card via our website at https://nhgranitestateambassadors.org/donate

Over the years, our tourism industry partners have been very generous to our volunteers, and we would like to take the opportunity to support them now when they need it most. Our organization and members of our board of directors have purchased gift certificates to use as incentives for giving to NHGSA and to help us weather the current storm as well.

Your gifts during this campaign will earn you raffle tickets towards $50 gift certificates from Tuckaway Tavern, Common Man, Fratello’s, CC&D’s Kitchen Marketplace, Diz’s Cafe, Copper Door/T-Bones/Cactus Jacks, Bubba’s of Sunapee, Moonlight Meadery and Granite State Ambassadors.

If you donate $100 or more, you will earn raffle tickets for the above and a ticket to win a $250 gift certificate to the spectacular Indian Head Resort!

** We won 2, round-trip e-tickets for Southwest Airlines when we registered to participate in NH Gives. Travel must be completed by September 1, 2020 (no exceptions). If you could use these, email kelly@nhgsa.com your bid by June 12. Highest bid takes them! No bid is too small – we would hate to see them wasted.

The drawings will be held on Monday, June 15th at 4pm.

Granite State Ambassadors Inc is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit number 02-0505492.

2020 COVID Tax Code changes regarding donations:

  • A measure in the federal coronavirus relief bill grants taxpayers an above-the-line deduction for up to $300 in charitable donations starting in 2020.
  • Normally, you have to itemize deductions to get a tax write-off for charitable donations. In this case, the break is available to people who claim the standard deduction, which is $12,400 for singles or $24,800 for married-filing jointly in 2020.
  • The lower your tax bracket, the less of a benefit you get.