Interview: NH Maple Producers Association

Meet Dave Kemp, Vice President of the NH Maple Producers Association

Celebrating over 75 Years!

The New Hampshire Maple Producers Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the promotion of New Hampshire’s many acclaimed sugarhouses and its delicious maple syrup. The NHMPA organizes several public events throughout the year, including Maple Sugaring Month, spanning four weekends of maple madness.

Interview conducted March 2021

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March is Maple Month – click for 2021 info

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Syrup Grading

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GSA Feedback:

“I enjoyed learning about the grading of syrup. Didn’t realize there wasn’t a standard that everyone used. I didn’t know that maple sugar producers were so reliant on a few fairs for their income.”

A GSA found most interesting: “Learning about the effort it took to change and unify the grading of syrup and that UNH is involved in research about maple syrup.”

A GSA found most interesting: “The fact that the FDA wants to change labeling to add added sugars. Always thought there were none and glad to have that verified by Dave.”