Carpool Information

NH Granite State Ambassadors is aware that volunteers have expressed a desire to carpool to/from certain NH Granite State Ambassadors-sponsored events. NH Granite State Ambassadors supports this effort at being “green” and is willing to facilitate such carpool arrangements through [postings, email correspondence, etc.]. However, NH Granite State Ambassadors disclaims any liability for accidents or incidents that may occur while volunteers are carpooling to or from NH Granite State Ambassadors sponsored events. Accordingly, if you want to carpool to any NH Granite State Ambassadors-sponsored events, we ask that you sign our carpool waiver.

Click here to ‘agree’ to our carpool waiver’s terms and designate how you would like to participate.

View Ride Requests / Offers below. To get in touch with someone on the below list, reach out to Kelly or Emily or add your own request / offer by using the form. Please do not include any personal information like contact information or your address in the form.

Name Name of Tour, Event or Gathering etc Looking for / to What area would you meet in? How many people can you take in your car? GSA Staff are authorized to give you my:
Moe Demers Ambies drive Closed Harvest Market, Bedford Intersection of 101 and Wallace Rd. One more Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email Address
Donna Kirouac Ambie ride Live in Manchester, but can meet anywhere: Cell Phone, Email Address
Carpool Request Form

Carpool Request Form

Do not give your home address. Be vague on this form and talk in detail personally.
Online Carpool Waiver can be found at: