Tour: NH Sports Dome

By: Emily McMaster, GSA Director of Communications

On a beautiful fall October morning, a group of GSAs visited the NH Sports Dome in Hooksett.  This tour was an extra special treat because one of the owners is Joel Hatin, the son of GSAs Dick and Anne Hatin.  Joel gave us a fabulous tour and presentation of the facility.  He met us in the vestibule area, where we learned how to enter the facility.  The dome is pressurized, and the exterior door must be shut before the interior door can be opened.

Although you can see the massive size of the dome from the outside, it becomes quite evident just how large it is when you enter into the dome and stand on the field.  Joel explained to us how the dome was installed, how it operates, and how the dome’s equipment can respond to certain weather situations.  Our GSAs asked lots of inquisitive and thoughtful questions behind the engineering of the dome.  We even learned that the painted lines that are usually spray painted were hand-cut pieces of colored turf.

There are a variety of sports activities that can take place in the dome, including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and more.  The field can also be split in half.  The high ceilings enable safe play, with a substantial distance from the floor to the lights on the ceiling.  Parents can even monitor their kids’ practice session from a livecam, accessible anywhere.

There will soon be another location in Goffstown, owned by the same owners.  These facilities provide excellent options for local athletes looking for leagues, clinics, and more.  It’s always important for our GSAs to know what recreational opportunities are available in NH!



GSA Feedback:

“The research and thought that went into the finalization of the project was just as amazing as the creation of the actual structure.”

“I had watched it being built and knew it was big, but  never dreamed it was as large inside as it is.  I am so impressed with the entire dome and appreciate the explanation of the construction of the dome and every sport that can be played there. What a wonderful place for athletes of all ages to practice and play, a wide variety of sports, in an environment that is spacious, comfortable, open year round and totally safe and secure.”

“I certainly am happy to have participated in the the tour and learn the many specifics, from the air-locking doorways to the sizes of the many different game fields offered to the changing of the light bulbs. So interesting, and forward thinking! Our young athletes are so fortunate to have such a venue.”