Blog: 2019 Journey to the North Pole

by Elf Okey Dokey aka GSA Sue Geyer

We had another fabulous trip to the North Pole again this year, joining the other elves as we helped Santa welcome families for a visit! We got dressed in all our elf gear and headed down to meet the train. With our lanterns held high and our arms waving, we greeted lots of kids and their families. As we escorted them to the theatre, we got wonderful smiles, hugs and stories. During the show we were on stage, helping Santa by finishing off toys. While he went around to meet all the kids, we were singing, dancing and being silly. We introduced ourselves and told them what we did at the North Pole. After the show we filed out and back to the train to see them all off. Some of the kids had the windows open as they waved. There was one precious little boy that asked Connie through the window “do you know Santa?” She said yes and then he said, “please tell him I have to leave to go home. Don’t forget.” His little face was so concerned that she would forget.

After the train pulled away and we could stop waving and swinging our lanterns, we headed back up to have some food and a well earned break. They served us pizza, cookies and water and showed the Elf movie. Then we did the entire thing again!

It is such a terrific event put on by the Believe in Books Literacy Foundation. The folks coordinating the evening were full of energy and very efficient. Watching all the little kids taking in the magic was amazing. One little boy got up on stage to give Santa a hug. And a lot of the kids wanted to give the elves hugs too. A special treat was that one of the families sitting in the front row was our very own Mary-Helen McG with her daughter and grand kids.

Afterwards a number of us went back to our hotel, the Indian Head Resort, to unwind and relax. As we were hanging out, one of the funniest moments was with Connie L. We were all pretty tired from all the walking, dancing, jumping around, waving and holding the lantern. Connie was sitting on the bed and looked at her FitBit on her wrist. She fell back dissolving into a fit of laughter. She finally sat up and said, “I did over 23,000 steps”!!! Then she put up her FitBit arm and waved. “And there, I just did more!”

Thanks to all the GSAs and their friends and family that were able to join us at such a busy time of year. And thanks to all of the folks at Believe in Books Literacy Foundation for what they do.
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There are still shows left this season and they can use more help. This year, they told us they were doing an after Christmas Show in North Conway December 27, 28 and 29. It will be a little different but sounded like great fun.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!