Module 7: Becoming a GSA

** We will be placing a GSA shirt order on June 3. The online store is now open. All items include embroidery of our logo. We hope for delivery by July 1. You can have your own forest green shirts etc embroidered with our logo for $10 each.

Module 7 is broken up into several parts and will have pre-recorded and live virtual components.

  1. Prior to our live virtual meeting on June 2nd at 11am, please watch the below titled: Hospitality the GSA Way.

2. During our live virtual Zoom meeting, we will be reviewing our Policy and Procedure manual and answering your questions about how to get started.

2022 updated Policy and Procedure Manual (download PDF)

REVIEW ONLINE POLICY MANUAL and earn 2 educational hours. Allow yourself 20 minutes to complete.

3. You will also want to have watched the calendar tutorial video on your Getting Started page so you know how to sign up for things:

4. Watch the below Guest Experience Videos:

5. Final Exam – we will give the quick final exam during our live Zoom session.

REQUIRED: Please sign Waivers (download PDF of all) – or sign all waivers online by clicking here to start.
      To fill out waivers online individually: Volunteer Service Agreement | COVID-19 | Carpool | Photo

CIMA Supplemental Volunteer Insurance Coverage (pdf)