Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Want an opportunity to impress our Granite State Ambassador (GSA) volunteers?

Our volunteers love to talk about things they have experienced first-hand. Help us give them the tools that set our professional GSA volunteers apart from the rest. For more information, contact Kelly Bryer, Executive Director at 240-621-0638 kelly@nhgsa.com.

Host a Certification Training
Most certification classes have 32 students and 20 industry representatives that speak to the group. Class hosts receive naming rights to the class – i.e., Indian Head Resort Class of 2016. This name is displayed on the class member’s name tags and it is how they identify themselves at gatherings and when writing blog articles about their experiences. As a host location, we encourage you to take the class on a tour of your property to give them an intimate knowledge of what you have to offer and how you operate. For this opportunity, host locations will provide: Venue, seating & parking for 35 for two consecutive days. Food for 38 for the two days (breakfast, lunch & snacks). You are welcome to partner with another organization. [More..]

Invite the GSAs for a Tour
Our volunteers pride themselves on being knowledgeable about New Hampshire. They do this by touring and sampling attractions, restaurants, events and businesses throughout the state. We will work with you to find the ideal time to host 20-30 GSA volunteers for a tour and/or experience. Our volunteers are an active group that have sampled things from indoor skydiving to chocolates to resorts. After each tour, we ask our GSAs for impressions and photos which we share with other volunteers and industry friends. [More…]

Provide Volunteer Perks
Perks are free or deep discounted admission, subscriptions, or products. Perks not only say thank you to our volunteers for all they do for the state – they encourage them to visit your property and experience it first-hand. Our volunteers take these positive experiences very seriously and make a point to refer places they love. Active GSAs carry dated membership cards to help you monitor usage. Perks can be ongoing, or one-time use. Current perks include overnight stays with meals, to theatre tickets, to magazine subscriptions. [More…]

Advertise in our Weekly Newsletter
If you aren’t able to be a host location or meal sponsor for one of our gatherings, but would still like to gain the audience of our industry friends and certified GSAs volunteering at the state’s public and private welcome centers and events – consider reaching them through our weekly newsletter. We have several opportunities from a directory listing to an advertisement block, to full blog articles. ‘Well-wishing’ advertisements in our annual Commemorative Yearbook are also available. [More…]

Donate Gift Certificates and Items for Award Packets
Throughout the year, we collect donations of gift certificates and ticket vouchers to use as part of our award packets at our annual AMBIEs Awards Luncheon for our top GSA volunteers and to put in our online holiday auction fundraiser. [More…]

Host a Gathering
As an additional way to say thank you to our volunteers for all they do for the state’s tourism industry, we hold a couple gatherings throughout the year. One is our annual AMBIEs Awards Luncheon and the other is our Holiday Party (held in November). Each year, we look for host locations and lunch for about 100-120. [More…]

Event Services
Secondarily to staffing visitor centers, NH Granite State Ambassadors also provide hospitality services at special event such as The Big E, Made in NH Expo, Farm & Forest Expo, and every four years to the NH Primary among others. Volunteer services include meeting, greeting and interacting with event guests about New Hampshire tourism including tourism services and destinations. Other activities could include ticketing, registration, directional services, as well as, information and support for vendors. NH Granite State Ambassador staff services include recruiting, management and training of volunteers who will serve at each event. [More…]