Visitor Center Services

2019 Member Center / Location Rates:
$625 year-­‐round / $300 seasonal / 50% off for each additional center

As an official member center, you will have access to our resources and services including:

• Training and support of your GSA volunteers and staff

• Communications including e-­‐newsletters, blogs, Facebook, & emails directly to your volunteers

• Access to NHGSA brand volunteer management and automated calendar/email system

• Links and cross promotion of your organization to our partners and volunteers

• Statistical reporting: individual volunteers/employees, center stats, state-­‐wide information

• Semi-­‐Annual Center Manager’s meeting

• Special opportunities at the Annual AMBIE Awards luncheon

• Discounted rates for our Customer Service Workshops, and advertising opportunities

• Individual Memberships for your staff (without volunteer hour requirements)

• One individual membership for GSA staff members, for every $100 paid in year-­‐round membership fees.

• Memberships can also be extended to reserving seats in any of our annual certification trainings to increase staff/board participation in the program.