25th Anniversary Celebration


2021 Highlights

Monthly Theme Schedule:

  • January: Economic Development [recap]
  • February: White Mountains [recap]
  • March: Agriculture [recap]
  • April: Great North Woods [recap]
  • May: Seacoast [recap]
  • June: Lakes Region [recap]
  • July: Dartmouth / Sunapee [recap]
  • August: Monadnock [recap]
  • September: Natural Resources [recap]
  • October: South Central / Merrimack Valley [recap]
  • November: Arts and Culture [recap]
  • December: Historical Resources [recap]

Subcategories (featured once per month in a weekly newsletter):

  • NH Rail Trail Coalition
  • Agriculture
  • NH State Parks
  • History, Arts, and Culture

Ideas for related activities with partners:

  • In-person group tours
  • Virtual tours
  • Blogs
  • Educational – learn an activity or something interactive 
  • Interviews
  • Admissions for on-your-own experience
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Scavenger hunts in downtowns

Dennis Snow Customer Service Opportunity

Especially this year for the rebuilding of our industry, customer service will be of the utmost importance and a priority for our organization.

For our 25th anniversary, and to keep GSA an elite force of volunteers, we are working on a partnership with Dennis Snow (former Disney marketing executive) to offer a self-paced, online customer service training. It’s about 5 hours long in total (can be done in 10-15 min increments) and includes short interactive videos and worksheets.

We’ve negotiated the price from $199 per person down to $49 per person for our GSAs and $54 per person for our tourism industry partners. We are currently looking for funding to send as many GSAs through the program as possible.


Explore New Hampshire

We will be expanding the ExploreNewHampshire.org resource pages on our website and will be making them more accessible to the general public. You are invited to submit relevant information about your region along with photos and utilize the information for your own visitor center, website and publications. These referrals created by welcome center staff / volunteers are separated out by region and categories including rail trails & bike paths, museums & historic sites, virtual experiences, places to paddle, swimming holes, picnic areas…

To participate in our 25th Anniversary Celebrations, please email Kelly & Emily at info@nhgsa.com